When The Tears And Fears Are Replaced With Laughter And Joy (or) Another Reason I Love Being A Dad!

I seriously love every second of being a dad. If only I could freeze time… There are so many moments throughout the day that make me wish I could touch my fingers together and freeze time like Evie could on Out of This World. (Yelp, I totally just dated myself by making a referenceto that show, but I [Read More…]…

Our Son’s Not A Fan Of Dolphins (But Makes One Cute Boat Captain)

We’re having a great time in the Florida Keys on vacation this week. We found out two fun facts about Noah this week: 1. He is a huge fan of boats. 2. He is not a huge fan (or even a little fan) of dolphins. 🙂

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Why Parenting Is The Best Paying Job In The World

I love watching out little boy grow and develop. I have so much fun hanging out with him, and I could seriously spend all day watching (and trying to capture) all of his adorable expressions. It melts my heart how the only thing this little 17 month old boy wants is his mommy and daddy. [Read More…]…

Breakfast Time Never Looked So Cute!

I snapped a few pictures this morning of Noah feasting on his favorite breakfast food…Cheerios! I’ve said this a million times, and you’ll hear me say it a million more; I’m so in love with this little boy! Being a dad is awesome.

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Our First Buddy Walk, and Some Thoughts About The Future

It’s amazing how the entire course and direction of your life can change in an instant. A year ago I didn’t even know what a Buddy Walk was; much less think I’d ever be participating in one as a parent of child with Down syndrome. But here we were at our first ever Buddy Walk [Read More…]…