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Just When You Think The Fun Is Over…

Today is the last day with our family. We were not too proactive in leaving as we were trying to spend as much time with Guy and Gigi (Noah’s adorable cousins) as possible. Guy and I played our own version of angry birds in the living room with his stuffed bird we picked up while [Read More…]…

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Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

The worst part about visiting your family is that you eventually have to say goodbye. I think this gets harder the older you get. It never fails that someone in my family cries during goodbyes. I am not going to lie, it is often me and it has only increased since Noah was born. It [Read More…]…

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Noah’s First Cave Dwelling Adventure

After a fun day yesterday of walking around downtown Aspen and doing some baby signing times we decided to take Noah on his first cave dwelling adventure at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. The park is at the top of the mountain and you have to ride a gondola to get to it…the skies are amazing! [Read More…]…

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A Day Full Of Baby Sign Time, Silly Songs, And Bedtime Stories!

Grandpas are pretty awesome. My dad would do just about anything for Noah. One thing that is important to him is to learn how to communicate with Noah as he gets older and is learning to talk.  There is a lot of research showing the effectiveness of sign language in children born with down syndrome, [Read More…]…

Down Syndrome Resources

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Cooking with Kitty: A YouTube Chef with a Dual Diagnosis

I love seeing people with Down syndrome (and Autism) doing awesome things. As a technology nerd … [Read More...]

companies that hire people with disabilities

46 Companies That Hire People With Special Needs

Before I became the dad of a child with Down syndrome I didn't pay much attention to companies that … [Read More...]

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Down Syndrome Therapy

how to help child stand up on their own

4 Activities to Help Your Child Stand On Their Own We're proud to announce that Noah reached another major milestone … [Read More...]

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Signing Update: Noah’s First Sign Language Sentence!

We're a huge fan of teaching Noah baby sign language to help him communicate with us. We have been … [Read More...]

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Down Syndrome Parenting

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How a Chick-Fil-A Employee Changed My Idea of “Meaningful” Work

Last week I was eating lunch at a local Chick-Fil-A when I noticed a young women with Down syndrome working at this particular location. (As a parent … [Read More...]

A (New) Letter To Our Son’s Teachers On His First Day Of School

It's hard to believe it's been almost three years since Noah first started to school (and we wrote our first letter to his teachers)...time really … [Read More...]

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