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Help Ariel Goldember, An Actor With Down Syndrome, Meet Sean Penn!

Be sure to hit the play button above to watch the video and hear more about Ariel’s inspiring dream to meet Sean Penn!

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Noah Meets A New Friend (In Real Life) Thanks To Facebook!

We’ve been blown away by the support we have received through our blog and Facebook page. The best part about it is that we’ve been able to connect with people from all over the world. We have our friends down in Australia and Brazil to those who happen to live down the street from us. [Read More…]…

A Vacation of Firsts: Flan, Scary Dolphins and Sticky Sand (And Lots Of Epic Cuteness!)

My parents were nice enough to invite us to go on vacation with them to the Florida Keys this past summer, I think it had something to do with the cute toddler we would be toting with us. “Off to Florida we go….!”

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Work, A Place For Family!

Here’s a few things I love. 1. This little boy. 2. Being able to work in a place where family is valued. 3. Being able to work in a place full of people who love our little boy like he was one of their own. I work at a church that has multiple Sunday services [Read More…]…

Down Syndrome Didn’t Stop Owen Groesser From Nailing Two 3 Pointers in 2 Minutes!

Owen and His Teammates after back to back 3 pointers! Just in case you still think social media isn’t powerful, keep reading. Owen Groesser, a high school junior who also just so happens to have been born with Down syndrome nailed not one, but two three pointers within two minutes of playing time in his first basketball game of the season. [Read More…]…