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Noah Celebrates His Great Aunt’s 80th Birthday!

I love the fact that Noah not only has such a loving and supporting family, but that he has been able to meet several of his extended family members.

Last year he got a chance to meet his great-grandmother, and today he had a chance to celebrate his great aunt’s 80th birthday!

Last year he got a chance to meet his great-grandmother, and today he had a chance to celebrate his great aunt’s 80th birthday!

As you can see in the pictures there’s a lot of love in this family!

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9 Lessons I Learned About Being A Good Dad By Having A Bad One

Father’s day is always a bitter sweet time for me. As I scroll through my Facebook and Twitter feed on Father’s day I see countless posts of people posting pictures of their dads with captions such as: “Thankful to have such a wonderful dad!” “Grateful for this guy’s leadership in my life!” “So glad to have such a wonderful father!” “I love this man!”

As I read these posts I always feel disappointment and sadness since I cannot post a similar post about my dad. The truth is I don’t ever remember my dad saying he loved me. Ever giving me a hug. Ever going to church with us (much less ever praying for / with me.) My dad didn’t teach me how to shave, treat a woman, how to tie a tie (or how to light a pilot light in a water heater….I just had to call the gas company to show me how to light man…I was scared. Those things look scary.) 🙂

I love my father, but the truth (sadly) is that my dad was not a good dad.

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3 Ways The Nuk Brush Can Help Your Child Learn To Eat

I have come to the conclusion that getting over the mess is a big part of parenting. Noah is messy just eating with his own hands and today I am about to hand him a rocket launcher.

Until I had Noah I had no idea how important eating was to the strengthening of muscles in the mouth and eventual speech development. From breast feeding or bottle feeding to using a straw to moving solid food around your mouth with your tongue, all of this helps your mouth develop the ability to talk.

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Hi, I’m Noah’s Dad. Remember Me?

Hi, I’m Noah’s dad, and I used to blog here. Does anyone remember? 🙂

Wow…! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post and I miss it!  While our Facebook page has remained very active the last few month, this blog has been sort of a digital ghost town.

For those of you wondering what happened to our regular blog posts about our son Noah let me calm your fears.

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A Mother’s Job Description And Mother’s Day Message From Kid President

(Be sure to watch the Mother’s Day video from Kid President at the end of this post!) This site may be named “Noah’s Dad,” but make no mistake about it, Noah’s mom keeps our house together! I could not ask for a more loving, kind, selfless wife and mommy to our son than my wife. I am [Read More…]…