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Meet The Newest Member Of The Smith Family!

Today we’re excited to announce WE’RE HAVING A BOY!!!

Well, technically Ā “we’re” not having anything. My amazing wife is having a boy….I have (and had) the easy part! šŸ˜‰

Introducing Noah’s Little Brother!

Last month we introduced you to Noah’s new sibling for the first time, but today it’s our pleasure to introduce Noah’s sibling, as Noah’s little brother, for the very first time!

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A Weekend Of Relaxation At The JW Marriott Hill Country Resort

This weekend we went to one of our favorite hotels for a little rest and relaxation, theĀ JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country. It doesn’t matter if you have a child with special needs, or a typical child,Ā this hotel has you covered!

There isn’t much to today’s video because I wanted to enjoy my time with Noah and my wife and not be worrying about trying to take a video. Not to mention this hotel has a fantasticĀ waterpark (complete with a lazy river!) built in so I left my phone / video camera in the hotel most of the time and enjoyed the fun! (But I hope you still enjoyed seeing him splash around in the kiddy pool!)

If you’re looking for a vacation that your entire family can enjoy, this is your place. It’s hard to believe this place is so close to our houseĀ (San Antonio is about a four hour drive from Dallas.) Ā There’s so much to do at the JW Marriott that you feel like you’re at a tropical oasis, not a mere four hours from the hustle and bustle of Dallas!

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That Time I Went To Harlem To Shoot A Harlem Shake Video…With My Two Year Old.

I’ve seriously have one of the best jobs in the entire world!

I work with some of the most fun people in the world. I get a chance to spend my days making an impact in the lives of others. My co-workers (who are also some of my closest friends) welcome Noah and love on him as if he was one of their own. And we have a very fun and (sometimes extremely) competitive work atmosphere.

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A “Cure” For Down Syndrome? Researchers at Johns Hopkins Think They May Have Found One

Could there be a new “cure” for Down Syndrome? The internet is buzzing today after the September 4th edition ofĀ Science Translational MedicineĀ publishedĀ a recent study about how a team of scientists from John Hopkins University used an experimental compound to reverse the Down syndrome like learning deficits in mice. Fox news reports that they accomplished this [Read More…]…

Does God Really Only Give “Special Kids To Special Parents?” Spoiler Alert: Yes…and No.

This morning I posted the following comment on our Facebook page:

“The saying ā€œGod only gives special children to special peopleā€ is whack. Please stop saying it. #SpecialNeedsProTip :-)”

Boy, oh boy, I had no idea how much “Facebook controversy” that status update would cause, or how upset it would make some people.

Most people agreed with me, but a few didn’t.Ā One person actually Ā left a comment saying, “IĀ used to love this page ….[but] I really want to cuss you all out ..” LOL…Wow! You want to “cuss me out” because of a Facebook status update? Yikes! *hugs*

I never want to purposely upset anyone. And I also I realize that a few folks may have misinterpreted / misunderstood the meaning behind my comment so I thought I would write a blog post explaining the meaning behind my Ā Facebook comment this morning.

Does God really only give “special kids” to “special parents?” Ā The answer is both yes…and no. In other words, I think that statement is both whack…and un-whack.

Let me explain.

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