That Time I Went To Harlem To Shoot A Harlem Shake Video…With My Two Year Old.

harlem-shake-blog-post-largeI’ve seriously have one of the best jobs in the entire world!

I work with some of the most fun people in the world. I get a chance to spend my days making an impact in the lives of others. My co-workers (who are also some of my closest friends) welcome Noah and love on him as if he was one of their own. And we have a very fun and (sometimes extremely) competitive work atmosphere.

The majority of our staff is really into sports and so every year we have a staff wide Final Four Bracket contest. If you know me in real life you know I’m not really into sports, like at all. I’d much rather discuss the New 52 than Final Four Brackets anytime. I’m just being real. #NoShame

The Office Final Four Bracket Content

Fast forward: I ended up coming in dead last in our Final Four Contest…partly because I was out of the office for about a week with a horrible eye infection and wasn’t able to even turn in a bracket…but that’s a different post…. 🙂

Part of the contest rules was that the four people who came in last in the brackets had to create a Harlem Shake video that would be played in front of the entire staff. The video that the staff ruled the best out of the four would get the same prize as the winner of the Final Four Bracket Content (which was an awesome date night with your spouse to a epic hotel downtown and 150 dollars for a nice dinner.)

“Wanna Go To Harlem To Shoot A Harlem Shake Video This Weekend?”

Once again, if you know me in real life  you also know I’m very sporadic and enjoy having fun. So even though we live in Dallas I decided why not go to Harlem to shoot my Harlem Shake video….the weekend before the video was due….with my two year old…and wife…and a cameraman…who is also my friend / co-worker… who my wife had never met ….all staying in the same small NYC hotel..I mean why not… #ThatsHowIRoll

All four of the videos were INCREDIBLE! As I mentioned, I work with some of the most fun and creative people on the planet and really wasn’t sure I who was going to win. The other videos were great, and it was a very close call. But in the end mine  won.

I’ve posted the video below for your viewing pleasure.

Few quick things I want to mention:

  1. My wife is awesome. Like really awesome.
  2. No, we didn’t actually take Noah to Harlem. He stayed at the hotel while my friend and I went to Harlem (at midnight!) to shoot a few of the scenes (and where we also met the super cool guys that make a cameo at the end of the video.)
  3. You may say we didn’t abide by the “official” Harlem Shake Rules (which was also brought up by my co-workers and almost caused me to loose the contest) to which I replied : there are no “actual” Harlem Shake Rules. No one is really doing the real Harlem Shake in any of these videos. They are just jumping around having fun. I mean seriously, do you really think these Sea Lions know how to do the “real” Harlem Shake? LOL…!
  4. I LOVE working in an environment full of so many creative and fun people.
  5. If you’re a parent, be one that likes to create memories with your kids. Have some fun with them. I’m not saying you have to dance around with cartoon characters in Times Square (I’m a strange guy) but do something! We only get one shot at this parent thing so let’s make it count!
  6. This was Noah’s third visit to New York! Pretty cool for a 2 year old, huh?

Check out the video and let me know if were able to spot the cameo’s by Noah and my wife.

By the way, what kind of work environment do you have? Do they encourage you to have fun and make memories with your family? Leave a comment below and tell me about it.

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  1. I’m a stay at home mom so it’s the bet work environment ever!
    No office bracket contests to lose, but we sometimes make videos in goofy costumes! (We have a pretty sweet dress up bin for my 4 year old…)

  2. *best*
    Luckily I’m the only one at my work who can read, so I usually don’t have anyone to notice typos…

  3. Nice moves.. Hey I think that is the Minnie Mouse that tried to charge me $5 to take a picture of her and my kids.. Ha
    I now have 3 employers. I make them breakfast, lunch (usually pb&j), and dinner. I do their laundry and so much more. The memories are one of a kind and definitely for the books… Love my job!!

    • Lol…!!

      Those characters don’t at around, that’s for sure. In fact 1 of them (that you don’t see in the video) left because I wasn’t paying him enough. Lol…!

      Have you been to NYC?

  4. That was great, Rick! I don’t know the “official” rules, but you won me over. Getting all those shots, people, and places…must have been a fun and busy weekend.

  5. How fun!! I think I want to record a music video with my two boys! What an awesome experience!

  6. JASMINE FORE says


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