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Celebrating Wins (Both Big and Small)

Today was a big day at our house. Noah beat his all time sitting record, and sat up so long that I lost count! It nice to see all of those sitting marathons and three times a week therapy appointments paying off! 🙂 Since Noah is our first child I honestly have no idea when [Read More…]…

1 Major Goal Of Physical Therapy For Children Born Down Syndrome

If you’re a parent of a child born with Down syndrome chances are you’ve been to so many physical therapy (and occupational therapy, and speech therapy!) appointments you feel like you could be a physical therapist yourself!  Just trying to remember when the appointments are can be a job itself, and then there all are [Read More…]…

Baby Noah Is Representing NYC Today!

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Sitting, Sitting and More Sitting

We work on sitting every time we go to our physical therapy sessions. Noah has hit new sitting records, has found great assistants such as sand and toys, and has knocked his head more than once. Do you ever ask youself if all this practice really helps?  Is it worth it? Practice Makes Perfect I [Read More…]…

“Yumm, Toys For Lunch!”

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