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Why You Should Look At Your Baby’s Muscles

Our occupational and physical therapists sometimes want Noah to show off his muscles so they can see which ones he is engaging. Noah compensates with the wrong muscles to do certain activities, especially whe he is tired. Our occupational therapist is able to help Noah use the right muscles when she visualizes what is going on. You [Read More…]…

Like Father Like Son

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3 Free Gifts Your Child Will Like Better Than An iPad

The time right before Noah goes to sleep is the sweetest time of my day.  My wife and I take time to hold him and read to him from The Jesus Storybook Bible (which by the way is awesome!)  Afterwords we hold his tiny little hands and pray with him.  We look forward to it [Read More…]…

Nerds Know How To Party!

This time last year I remember wondering what it would be like to take our little boy to birthday parties. It seemed so far away. It seemed like something reserved for “older” people. Little Kid Parties, Grown Up Talk I wondered what parents did while their little munchkins were consuming countless pounds of birthday cake. [Read More…]…

Tootsie Roll Pop Time

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