Introducing Hope Story! (Our Attempt at Changing the World!)

NOTE: This post is going to be a bit on a longer side, but it’s important. I want to encourage you to please take the time to read it all. Thanks! The Problem(s) When Noah was born over 7 years ago, we had a negative experience with our OB/GYN. As we’ve interacted with families of children [Read More…]…

A Letter to Noah’s First Grade Teacher On His First Day of School

The following is a letter my wife wrote Noah’s first-grade teacher on his first day of school. She also wrote one for his first day of Kindergarten as well if you’d like to check it out. Dear Ms. [XXX,] We are very excited to be a part of your class this year, especially with your [Read More…]…

Sometimes All You Really Need Is A Slice Of Pizza!

Whew….you ever have one of those parenting seasons where life seems to go by a million miles a minute? Those weeks (or months) where it seems like the second your walking out of one doctor’s office, your walking in to another? One of those months (or years) where you wish you could freeze time just so you could stop [Read More…]…

I Love This Little Boy

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Our Cute Little Man

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