Sometimes All You Really Need Is A Slice Of Pizza!

Whew….you ever have one of those parenting seasons where life seems to go by a million miles a minute? Those weeks (or months) where it seems like the second your walking out of one doctor’s office, your walking in to another? One of those months (or years) where you wish you could freeze time just so you could stop and catch your breath?

We’ve been going through one of those whirlwind seasons in our household the last few months. In addition to the regular four times a week developmental therapy appointments, we were dealing with Noah potentially having infantile spasms, and as if that wasn’t enough, leukemia….oh and did I mention those two holes he has in his heart?

Ummm, yah? Talk about needing a drink vacation! :-)

It’s All Worth It!

Thankfully Noah is doing fantastic, and I can honestly say that we are super thankful to have a son born with Down syndrome. As I’ve said a million times, we wouldn’t change one single chromosome on this little boy. Parenting is parenting. It has it’s ups and downs (pun intended.)

As a good friend once told me; parenting will always be different than what you expect it to be. And as scary as that can be, it’s all worth it. There are few joys this side of Heaven like the joy that comes from being a parent.

I love it!

The Subway Of Pizza Parlors

pie five pizza down syndrome child

“Where’s my pizza?”

Tonight our friend Jonathan invited Noah and I to check a new Pizza place that opened up called Pie Five Pizza Co. If you have one in your area I highly suggest checking it out. The best to describe it is sort of the “Subway of pizzas.” You walk to the pizza bar and pick out the various toppings you want on your pizza, and they cook it right in front of you. Now that I think about it, I guess all pizza places are sort of like the Subway of pizzas….oh well. It was still super yummy.

And as you can see Noah is a huge fan of pizza….just like his daddy.

Oh, and did you notice Noah’s sweet dancing skills in today’s video? He’s got mad rhythm…not just like his dad! :) (You can see more of Noah’s moves here!)

A Quick Reminder To All Parents

pie five pizza down syndrome child



If you’re in one of those parenting seasons right now where it feels like everything is raining (or pouring) down on you, I just want to remind you that it’s just that, a season. Seasons come and go. Things will slow down. You will havenormal weekends. You will laugh again. I promise.

But in the meantime I encourage you to take a quick break and do something you enjoy. Something to remind you of normalcy (whatever that is.) And as busy (and stressful) as life can some times be, it’s amazing how something as a simple slice of pizza can make a world of difference. (Unless of you course you really dislike pizza, in which case this illustration doesn’t really work. But I think you get the idea.) :)

What sort of parenting season are you in right now? What does you and your family do to de-stress? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

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    Best baby item I’ve seen in a long time!

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