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Four Cheap (But Effective) Child Developmental Tools

You The cheapest development or therapy tool is yourself. Simply interacting with your child with song or play helps your child develop. Getting them to focus on you and follow you around with their eyes is quite the achievement. Once they are able to do this, it is easier to work on other tasks as [Read More…]…

It Is Finished (Well….Sort Of.)

My Wife (and Noah’s Mom) Is Amazing Today marks a big day in our household! For the last 13 years my wife has been on the very hard path of becoming a medical doctor.  Today I’m very happy to admit that the path is “over” (it’s never really over). Today was the last day of [Read More…]…

I’m Surrounded By Beauty

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iPad Road Trip Developmental Fun

Noah and I are having fun hanging out in the backseat while mommy drives this leg of our trip. (We are on an 18 hour road trip to Colorado.) It’s fun watching Noah bang away on this musical, developmental app for the iPad. He is rocking it!

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Noah Rides A Dinosaur

Hey everyone, I’m sorry for the lack for video tonight. We are on our way to Colorado from Texas for a little R & R (and for my wife to give a speech at a banquet) this week at my wife’s parents house, and today has been a full day of driving. Which means I’m [Read More…]…