It Is Finished (Well….Sort Of.)

My Wife (and Noah’s Mom) Is Amazing

Today marks a big day in our household!

For the last 13 years my wife has been on the very hard path of becoming a medical doctor.  Today I’m very happy to admit that the path is “over” (it’s never really over). Today was the last day of her medical residency!!!

Just an f.y.i. she’s been a doctor all throughout residency as well, just now she doesn’t have to “run things by someone else.”  She is now that “someone.”

Sort of scary huh?

In the video when she is hugging on baby Noah that’s us out at dinner celebrating!

Little baby with down syndrome celebrating with his mom

Party Time! (Well, kind of.)

It’s been a long road for my wife (and our family) and I can never express in a blog post how proud I am of her. I have literally seen her pour blood, sweat, and tears into the process of achieving her dream of becoming a doctor. On top of that, she has been the most amazing mom, wife, and friend ever.

Boy with down syndrome buying mom a gift at the apple store

Picking out a gift for mommy at the Apple store!

I seriously have no idea how she does all that she does. I think God built her with a little something extra as well. 🙂

Work Hard. Play Harder

In our house we work hard. But the flip side of that is that we play even harder!

Life is fun.

Little boy with down syndrome having fun playing

This is Noah's pre-fun face! We love it!

We are the taking the next two weeks to unplug. We’ll be going to Colorado to my wife’s parent’s house for a week or so, then

our son with down syndrome even has fun in the car seat

He is always having fun!

to who knows where for another week of vacation. Our family is rather sporadic sometimes (which is fun if you aren’t the type that has to live life tied to a super tight schedule, otherwise I’m sure it’d be maddening. 🙂

We tend to hold our schedules (and our plans) pretty loosely around here.

When we get back Abbie will be starting as the attending Doctor in the Emergency room. It’s a little scary being “in charge” but she is going to do GREAT! Baby Noah and I are so proud of her! Oh, and it will be super cool to have her around the house much more. She will be coming from working 70 hours a week, so 14 days a month! So all of the hard work really does have some pretty nice payoffs!


How are you spending your last few weeks of the summer? Anything fun left on your calendar..??

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  1. Dawn Howe says

    Congratulations Abbie on your HUGE success!! And Rick, I’m sure your support is what made her strive this hard and far! Kudo’s to the both of you for such an amazing job!

  2. YAY for Abbie!!! My wife just finished up year one of the same journey (1st year of medical school). Can’t wait until we get to celebrate, too! Whoooo! 😀

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