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Father And Son Trip To Central Market

We love this kid.

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Noah Likes Hanging Out At The Mall

Noah and his mommy decided to have a little fun at the mall today with a few friends! My wife has been working super hero type hours as she finishes up her residency at Children’s Medical Center here in Dallas, so hanging out at the mall isn’t something she gets to do very often. In fact, she [Read More…]…

Top Five Videos For June 2011

Wow!  It’s hard to believe that as of just a few hours ago I posted the 30th consecutive video on this site! It was just a little more then a month ago when my friend John, and I were jokingly discussing a site where I posted a daily one minute video of our (as in my wife [Read More…]…

Four Medical Concerns For A Baby Born With Down Syndrome

[This post is a part of the “New Parent Guide To Down Syndrome” blog series. Be sure to check out the other posts!] Four Medical Concerns For Babies Diagnosed With Down syndrome Down syndrome is associated with many medical concerns. I will address what to be aware of in the first few days of life [Read More…]…

Noah Getting Some Quality Time With Mom

Noah got to spend some quality time with just his mommy tonight as I went with some friends to see a very late showing Transformers: Dark of The Moon (which I think ended up being the best Transformers film) tonight. As you can see they had a lot of fun! 🙂

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