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Lunch Time!

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Noah Rides An Elephant At Physical Therapy – Take Two

Inflatable elephants are awesome Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Noah’s weekly physical therapy days (I feel like I deserve my own parking spot at Our Children’s House at Baylor by now.)  It’s always to fun seeing the many different tools the therapists use to give variety to baby Noah’s therapy sessions.  The last few weeks they have been using this really cool inflatable elephant.  Besides just looking [Read More…]…

Noah’s First Forth Of July Firework Show

Childhood Memories The Forth of July brings back good memories of my four brothers and I piling into our parents mini-van and heading over to the local firework show (early of course so we could get a good seat!)  After we were bathed in Deep Woods Off, we dined on an endless supply of kool-aid [Read More…]…

Getting Ready To Watch Some Fireworks

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Noah (And His Parents) Have Some Sunday Fun With Friends

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