Father And Son Trip To Central Market

We love this kid.

My baby son was born with Down syndrome and is beautiful

He loves hanging out with his dad...!

A lot.

baby son born with down syndrome blue eyes

I can't get over these eyes.....

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About Rick Smith

Hi, I'm Noah's Dad and I'm passionate about giving the world a window into our life as we raise our son who was born with Down syndrome. I also enjoy connecting with other families, so let's stay connected.


  1. I would. I have wrkeod with those with Down Syndrome. I also have friends who have Down Syndrome. And I have it myself. My husband and I have agreed that we would abort. I did have the CVS test (forced into it) and I would prefer a less invasive testing. I am not obsessed with perfection but we are thinking health wise and the effect the child would have on our marriage, family, society and schooling. There’s nothing wrong with that! I would prefer my Down Syndrome end with me, than be passed on.

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