Noah Goes On A Date Night To P.F. Changs

Tonight we decided to have a family date night and take Noah swimming.  This kid seriously likes the water! Afterwards we decided to grab dinner at my favorite restaurant, P.F. Changs.  As you can see in the video, Noah makes a great (and very cute) third wheel! Don’t Believe Everything You Hear Being a husband, and a dad [Read More…]…

Noah Swimming At Tom Landry Fitness Center

After last week it was clear that our little guy is a swimmer! Dallas Theology Seminary (where I’m currently finishing up my Masters of Theology Degree) gives students and their families a crazy good deal on a membership to Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center.  Tom Landry Fitness Center also has nice, big, heated pools;  so we decided [Read More…]…

Noah’s First Dance Party

We had a great time tonight at the Dallas Arboretum celebrating the completion of my wife’s residency. (Although the celebration banquet was tonight, she doesn’t officially finish until next month.)  As you can see in the video, Noah is quite the ladies man!  He had fun tonight with all the music, lights, dancing!  Who wouldn’t.  🙂

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Beckman Oral Therapy Exercises And The Z-Vibe Is a Winning Combination!

Two times a day we do a series of exercises given to us by Noah’s speech therapist as part of the Beckman Oral Motor program.  The Beckman exercises are designed to help children with low muscle tone  (a common physical characteristic of children diagnosed with Down Syndrome) develop strength in their mouth which helps with oral motor skills, and eventually speech.

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Noah Working Hard With The Physical Therapist

On Tuesday and Wednesday of each week we take Noah to physical therapy.  This is in additional to his bi-weekly occupational therapy.  (Which was also in addition to his weekly feeding therapy. However as of just a few weeks ago, Noah eats like a champ and no longer needs to go!) To be honest, when [Read More…]…