Noahs First Hotel Stay

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Rattles Build Muscles

Noah’s occupational therapist at Our Children’s House at Baylor at Dallas suggested he try out these mini maracas to help develop his fine motor skills.  At first Noah couldn’t hold on to the maracas for more then a few seconds at a time; however as you can see in the video, he know can hold them as long as he [Read More…]…

Eating From A Spoon For The First Time

We were blessed that Noah was able to breast feed since day one!  However, because of the physical characteristics of Down syndrome, Noah had a difficult time drinking from a bottle.  He would loose suction causing milk to spill from his mouth, as well as become extremely congested.  Of course, since we are new parents, [Read More…]…

How A Barium Swallow Study Helps Determine If Your Baby With Down Syndrome Is Aspirating While Eating

Due to the low muscle tone that is common in children diagnosed with Down Syndrome Noah was having difficulty drinking from a bottle, and we were concerned he was aspirating.  We brought him to Baylor Medical Center to have a barium swallow study preformed, which would essentially tell us if everything was going down the right pipe.

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Noah’s First Home Video!

I’ve got to be honest.  I would have never guessed in a million years that when Abbie and I made the trip to the hospital to deliver Noah we’d be brining home a little boy with Down syndrome. As you can read in Noah’s birth story, we had no idea Noah had Down syndrome until [Read More…]…