Noah’s Grandma Comes To Visit

My mom came to visit today to pick up my brother who was in town visiting, and also to love on our son.  Noah loves when either of his grandmothers come to visit because even at almost six months old, he knows that there is a good chance he will be getting spoiled!

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Occupational Therapy

Every other Monday we take Noah in for occupational therapy at Our Children’s House at Baylor.  Occupational therapy is important for children born with down syndrome as they often have challenges developing fine motor skills.  This is due to several characteristics commonly shared by children with down syndrome including; low muscle tone, increased flexibility in their arm and hand joints, broad hands, and short [Read More…]…

Noahs Visits The Church Nursery For The First Time

Today was a big day for baby Noah (and for us!)  It was his first time ever in our church nursery…!  That’s right, instead of being in our arms, safe and sound like he usually is, he left him in the care of our wonderful church nursery workers. Actually, it was probably a bigger day [Read More…]…

Noah’s First Swim

We had a chance to take Noah on his very first swim today, and he had tons of fun (I think!!?) We’re in love.

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Noah Visits The Apple Store And Hangs Out With His Uncle

Today was tons of fun! My brother came up and got to meet Noah for the first time, and as you can see Noah loves him a ton. We spent the day mostly hanging out at home, with a quick trip to the friendly neighbored Apple store thrown in for good measure.

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