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Noah Eats His First Tim Tam, Or Why Balance Is An Important

One of the greatest rewards of sharing our son’s journey online is without a doubt all of the amazing families we get to meet in the process. This past year we’ve gotten to know so many great people through the comment section of this site, our Facebook page, our Twitter page, our YouTube Channel, our Google + page, and heck, even through our Pinterest page! (Yah, I’m a guy and [Read More…]…

Noah Has A BALL In The Ball Pit, And 2 Ways You Can Make Your Own For Cheap!

We’re extremely thankful that Noah has the opportunity to work with some of the best developmental therapists in the world. Ok, so I may be just a little biased, but the people who works with him really do have all the qualities we look for in a pediatric therapist! So we’re happy. 🙂

What he don’t know, won’t hurt him. (In fact, it’ll help him!)

One of the things I really like about Noah’s occupational therapist is the wide variety of developmental activities she uses to help him develop. I also like how great she is at disguising hard work as fun play. Noah works out hard during his visits, but you’d never know bases on the huge grin on his face the entire time!

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3 Ways Parents Of Kids With Down Syndrome Can Find A Play Group, Make Friends, And Stop Feeling Lonely!

One of the biggest fears I had when Noah was born was that we’d never have any friends who could really relate to us. Sure, we had lots of friends with young children, but none of them had a child with Down syndrome. So even though they could relate to us as a parent, there was no way they could relate to us when it came to raising [Read More…]…

How A Pancake Breakfast With My 13 Month Old Reminded Me That Single Parenting Ain’t Easy

One of my favorite things in the world to do is take our son on “daddy dates.” Daddy dates are pretty much just what they sound like; a dad, taking his child, on a date! Basically, Noah and I just go out and have some somewhere. Just the two of us. It doesn’t really matter what [Read More…]…

The Best Push Toy In the Whole Wide World: The Stride-to-Ride Dino!

Ok, so maybe this push toy isn’t the best one in the World, but the Stride to Ride Dino is the best push toy I’ve ever seen for a child learning to walk on their own. After you read my little ‘mini-review’ at the end of this post, be sure to let me know if you agree, or [Read More…]…