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Winnie The Pooh Movie Night!

When you have a child you have to be very strategic about when (and where) you go to the movies.  We’ve taken Noah to several movies, and my wife often takes him on mommy dates, so this isn’t his first rodeo.  He typically does pretty good in movies….until the last twenty minutes I don’t know how [Read More…]…

Down Syndrome Resources For New and Expecting Parents

[This is part six of our “New Parent Guide To Down Syndrome” series. Be sure to check out the other posts!] As a new parent to a child born with Down syndrome it’s easy to feel overwhelmed trying to find the best Down syndrome resources and information. You may have questions like: What is Down Syndrome? What [Read More…]…

Rocking The Treadmill

This kid puts in work!

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Noah and I got to play by ourselves tonight. Rick went to see a midnight movie, so Noah and I just hung out on the floor and read some stories.  I love my husband, but it is fun to have Noah all to myself sometimes (he would say the same!) One thing I have started [Read More…]…

Yay….! The ASD Is Almost Completely Closed!!!

Thanks so much for everyone’s prayers…!!! God is so faithful. Both the PDA and (2 mm away) the ASD closed in 8 months.

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