Noah and I got to play by ourselves tonight. Rick went to see a midnight movie, so Noah and I just hung out on the floor and read some stories.  I love my husband, but it is fun to have Noah all to myself sometimes (he would say the same!)

One thing I have started to notice about Noah is his determination. He is setting his eyes on objects and trying to figure out how he is going to get there. Rolling is his prefered method of transportation at the moment.   Do you see him eye the ball in this video? He becomes transfixed and wants to get after it. I had to help him out this time but I am fairly certain he will be getting there on his own before we know it.  When he is able to crawl and walk, there is no telling what he is going to get into. I am already contemplating how I will safety proof my house.

i am going to get it

I am going to get it...whatever it may be at the moment

This determination and focus has been quite helpful during our therapy sessions; Noah is motivated by objects and toys to do his activities. By following toys he will roll over, try to sit up, reach, use his hands, and engage every abdominal muscle he has.  You may remember my post on vision being important to reach developmental milestones, as once you are able to focus and track you can use that to encourage your baby into certain positions.

dad noah iPad

This thing is awesome Dad

Noah also is turning out to be a bit like his dad in that he enjoys technology or anything with light. If an iPhone or iPad is near him he wants to touch it, grab it, or figure out how to get the objects out of the screen. It is pretty funny.  I wish I could find an app that didn’t turn off or open ads when Noah is putting his hands all over the screen.  It was actually hard to get any video or pictures tonight because Noah was trying to get the iPhone 🙂

We finished the night with a story and Noah quickly fell asleep, and I was not too far behind.

What things are your baby interested in?  Have you found a favorite motivator for them?  Are there any personal traits you are seeing develop in your child that are pretty awesome?

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  1. Hi guys, my daughter Grace is nearly 11 months and also has Daown Syndrome, she is mad after her iPad to and any phone that is in her line of sight! She loves watching tv especially sports, I think its the colour and the fast moveement! 😀 I’d also love to be able to have a switch that would let her touch the screen without it turing off the ipad so we can read and play games without the aps going off every two minutes!!

    • Karl, so good to connect with you! I see you are from the UK…very cool!

      That’s so cool that she is into sports, does she play any herself? What’s her favorite? (To play, and to watch?)

      Are you friends with us on Facebook? We’d love for you post a picture of Grace on there!

      Check us out here

  2. Lauren is 19 months old she started walking last month. She is into everything!!! Yes you will really ahve to watch out. But is it alos utterly fantastic. She loves watching people on TV and dancing to them singing nursery rhymes. I’ve just ordered Singing Hands DVD’s for her as i’m sure she is copying dome of the actions and i’d prefer her to copy some that we can all learn to sign along with. She’s interested in all sorts of things and is trying to learn the parts of her face right now.

  3. Margaret Godat says

    Hi — I left a message a few months ago regarding my Down Syndrome brother who passed away suddenly at the ripe old age of 59. Pretty good for someone who wasn’t supposed to live very long. Because he was born in the 50s there just wasn’t the help available and he was sent to live in an institution for approximately 15 years. I was his guardian the last 7 years.

    I am enjoying watching Noah develop in that I can see the things that my Dickie missed. He was also deaf and mute, but extremely healthy until developing a heart problem several years ago.

    This post about Noah’s determination really made me laugh in that Dickie was determined, very determined. We laughingly called him “sitting bull” because when he didn’t want to move, nothing moved him. 99% of the time he was so easy going, but if he wanted a telephone book or batteries (his favorite all time possessions) nothing stopped him. Everyone found out it was just best to keep a phone book handy. As I said things were very different for him.

    The connection with a Down sibling is totally unexplainable. He was the best thing God ever gave me and I miss him terribly. Watching Noah gives me my “Down’s fix” that I need so badly to help me bear Dickie’s passing. Thank you.

  4. Hey Rick,

    Noah is a great kid and he is an inspiration for many others , my adorable son is almost three month now and he still seems lost he didn’t raise his head and I really don’t know what motivates him, is he still young or shall I do anything else.?

    Thanks again to you and your amazing wife u’ll never imagine what noah did to us I love him so much without even meeting him 🙂

    • Noah wasn’t raising his head well until after 4 months. Things that were brightly colored and made noise were his best motivators then. We did a lot of tummy time and side lying (laying on their side do they don’t have to fight gravity and can bring their hands together). Be patient, he will become more and more active. I have heard it said that some kids are observers and some are movers. Observers tend to like to watch and may not seem as “determined” but they are just soaking in life and show their determination in different ways.

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