Noah Pulls To Stand (And 2 Tips To Help Your Child Stand Up On Their Own!)

Being a working mom does have some downfalls, ok several. One of them being that there is a chance that I will miss milestones in person. Thanks to technology however, I get to experience them via video, as do all of my co-workers.

While at work, Rick sent me a video of Noah pulling to stand for the first time. Who knew he had this in him? The last milestone Noah hit was the inch worm crawl, so we weren’t even on the look out for Noah to pull himself up on his own right now.

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An Update On Noah’s Treadmill Therapy Progress

Noah physical therapist has been using treadmill training to help him learn to walk for 3 and a half months now. As you can see in today’s video he’s come a long way since he took his first “steps” on the treadmill in a few months ago. However, he still has a lot of work to do before he’ll [Read More…]…

Great Grandmother Hugs, Fun Crawl Mats, An Early Birthday Cake, And One Proud Son!

This is a very special weekend for Noah (and us!) Yesterday was Noah’s first time on an airplane, but what’s even cooler than that is where he was taking the airplane to! This weekend we flew to Missouri to have an early Christmas with my wife’s grandmother, and my in-lawns (who flew in from Colorado.) [Read More…]…

3 Tips To Help You Become A Game Changing Parent

I was extremely humbled when recently contacted by advising me that I had been selected as one of their “Rad Dad’s.”  During our interview I had a great time talking about the joys of being a dad, including some of the unique characteristics of being a father of a son born with Down syndrome. I want to add that I’m [Read More…]…

Our 1st Experience Flying With Our Child Born With Down Syndrome

We’ve posted pictures of Noah’s trip to see his great grandma before we wrote today’s post on Noah’s Dad Facebook Page, and we got asked several questions along these lines: “How did Noah do on the plane?” “Do you have to do anything special traveling with Noah on a plane since he has Down syndrome?” [Read More…]…

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