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Looking For An Epic Place For Your Kid’s Birthday Party? How About Home Depot!

A few months ago I wrote about why I hoped every child with Down syndrome could have a friend like Charlie, well today I want to tell you why I hope every person on the planet has friends like Charlie’s parents.”  I could tell you a million great things about them, but let’s be honest; since most of [Read More…]…

4 Types Of Early Crawling Methods

One of the first questions new parents ask about their newborn is “When is my baby going to crawl?” This is a huge milestone, so it’s understandable why parents ask this question.

Many parents aren’t aware of the various types of early crawling methods. Also there is a bit of confusion what’s actually considered crawling. For example in this video you’ll see our son inchworm crawling for the first time. Should this type of infant crawling actually be considered crawling? What are the other types of early crawling methods?

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Milestone Alert: The Inchworm And 4 Types Of Early Crawling Methods

Creeping vs. crawling…what’s the difference? A few days ago Noah started getting into quadruped on his own. It wasn’t a milestone post, but it was a huge one in our book. Why so big? Well it shows that Noah has the strength to possibly start crawling. As I was researching for this post, I learned [Read More…]…

Milestone Alert: Our Baby’s First Tooth!

As I mentioned the other day when Noah sat up by himself for the first time, baby milestones seem to happen when you least expect it. Hello Mr. First Tooth, nice to meet you. Like today for instance. There I am just playing and laughing with my son like I usually do when I see him do his [Read More…]…

Our Baby’s First Halloween Costume (or) The Cutest Baby Lion You’ve Ever Seen

I’d like to begin this post with a little pre-blog-post disclaimer. A Halloween post…in the middle of April? If you’ve noticed the date that briefly appears at the start of each of our one minute videos you may have noticed that we’re running just a tad bit behind. We enjoy telling our son’s story and giving the world [Read More…]…

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