Looking For An Epic Place For Your Kid’s Birthday Party? How About Home Depot!

A few months ago I wrote about why I hoped every child with Down syndrome could have a friend like Charlie, well today I want to tell you why I hope every person on the planet has friends like Charlie’s parents.” 

I could tell you a million great things about them, but let’s be honest; since most of you reading this are parents, and parents are always looking for good (or free) deals, let me share a few important lessons I’ve learned from Charlie’s parents.

3 Life Changing Lessons I Learned From Charlie’s Parents

1. Dressing up in tin foil can sometimes get you free food at Chipotle. (I wish I could find the picture….)

2. Smart people buy all the diapers they can fit in their car on tax free weekend. (And if they are really smart they combine tax free weekend with Babies R Us coupons for an even greater parent win!)

babies r us tax free wekend diapers

Look at all of those diapers!

3.  You can have a birthday party for your 3 year old at The Home Depot…..for free! (I’m not kidding…keep reading.)

cheap free birthday party ideas kids babies

Why not have your next birthday at Home Depot!

baby wearing hat to a party down syndrome

You Can Have Your Child’s Birthday Party at Home Depot…for Free!

It turns out Home Depot does Kids Workshops in their stores on Saturday mornings and parents can bring in their kids and do fun projects together. Which is another thing I learned from Charlie’s dad. I had no idea Home Depot (and Lowes) did this.

And basically all they did was ask the store manager if they could invite 20 or so other families to come to a kids workshop with them….on their son’s birthday. And of course they said yes. In fact Home Depot knocked it out of the park for them. They sectioned off a little area for them, gave them tons of supplies, fun aprons, and made it a great time for all the children and their families. It was one of the best kids birthday parties I’ve ever been to.

Pretty cool, huh?

father son down syndrome birthday party

Why not have your next birthday at Home Depot!

I’m hope I don’t upset Home Depot my talking about all of this, since hosting children’s birthday parties probably isn’t a business they want to get into. Oh and a little disclaimer for any of you  attempting to try this out at your local Home depot; your results may vary.

Not everyone has the swagger and charm of my friend John. So don’t feel disappointed if the manager looks at your like you’re crazy. 🙂

epic swagger john dyer

More birthday fun

After Home Depot we went to Charlie’s house for some more birthday fun, and to feast on some yummy birthday cake. (By the way, the little girl that you see Noah playing with in today’s video is Charlie’s little sister, who also had a super fun birthday party!)

birthday kid ideas 3 year old party

Charlie’s dad even makes awesome tool birthday cakes!

Since Noah’s first birthday is coming up soon I was making mental notes of what all goes into throwing a little kid’s birthday party. And I’ve got to say Charlie’s parents did a great job!

I especially liked the super cute construction hat, and the tool box full of goodies all the children received. One of the treats in the box were some baby cookies just for Noah, which he munched on when he got home. In fact, they were actually Noah’s very first cookie!

baby birthday party down syndrome

I love this little builder.

Some more father and son Saturday fun

My wife had to work at night, so Noah and I got to have some fun at home together. I usually pick out the book we’re going to read for his bedtime story, but tonight he wanted to take full advantage of his newly acquired skill of inch-worming, and pick his own book out.

It was fun (and super cute) watching him roll around (and try to crawl around) the floor playing with different books.

I love this little boy so much. I’m so thankful for the all the great friends and family we have that get to be a part of Noah’s life. Life isn’t meant to be lived on an island. I hope that you’re surrounded by a group of positive, loving people that walk through life with you. People make life 100 times more epic. 🙂

I have a few questions for you: 1. Did you know about all of this awesome fun kid stuff Home Depot had going on? Have you ever been? 2. What’s the most random / unique / strange place you’ve ever had (or been to) a birthday party? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

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About Rick Smith

Hi, I'm Noah's Dad and I'm passionate about giving the world a window into our life as we raise our son who was born with Down syndrome. I also enjoy connecting with other families, so let's stay connected.


  1. Lydia Norvell says

    I did know about Home Dept kid events, but can never remember to go! So it’s on our bucket list. 🙂 or maybe our summer to-do list. I can’t think of any unique parties I’ve been to. Must have boring friends. When I was a kid we had a pet party, where everyone got to bring their pet. We had cats, dogs, and a pot-bellied pig. My cat was traumatized for awhile. 🙂

  2. maddison jacobs says

    to cute i want a cool hard hat n tool box n cookies too wonder if i can be a kid again  lol prob wouldnt work but that is a neat idea to have the party there . loved watching lil man rolling all over the books n picking out what he wanted to read lol cant wait till hes walking n we get to see you chasing after him sayin slow down noah daddy is tryin to video you . hugs noah your such a sweet lil man n i enjoy watching you grow n learn new things,

  3. We have been to a few of the Lowe’s kid workshops (Home Depot is an hour away). Home Depot gained my “props” when my son was little (now 10) Habitat for Humanity opened a demonstration village in Americus, GA (where they were fonded) and Home Depot had a lot of projects for kids on the weekend of the grand opening-even though the nearest store was (you guessed it) an hour away. Cute party idea.    

  4. Jepollard73 says

    We have done the workshops at lowes and home depot. Also the craft store Michaels has sometimes simple gluing or pasting or painting projects that are free as well or nominal cost of the item painted like 1-2$ max. I saw a birthday party once for little bit older kids like 8,9,10 that was at a vet office. Like a tour and able to see how some of the equipment works

  5. paulodonoghue says

    We knew about the home depot kids events. Have never been though. As far as birthday places, nothing too unique. Although we do own a bouncy house that well get Ethan into on his second birthday in june

    • Ohhh. The bounce house sounds fun. I can’t wait until we get one some day. 🙂
      By the way, you should check out the Home Depot Saturday stuff. It’s fun and I’m sure your kids would enjoy it. :$

  6. Didn’t know about the home depot kid projects…but we will be taking advantage of that for sure!! The most amazing party we had was my daughter when she turned 15. This was a few months after our baby girl Braylee (with DS) had her open heart surgery. Allysha, our 15 year old asked everyone to donate to the down syndrome association in Braylees name rather then bringing presents. She had over $100 donated….and still had friends bring her a few presents. It’s amazing watching the whole family change all because of our beauty!!!

  7.  I knew about  Home  Depo   but I think  i found out too late.  I used to go  roller skating on  Saturday  morning  though.  Noah is  so cute.  PS what  r u doing this summer

    • Thanks for the kind words…and I like to go roller skating also. I’m talking the real deal, 4 wheels, skates! Not these in-line things. 🙂 I want the real deal. I can’t wait to take Noah skating.

      As far as the summer goes, I’m going to be doing some writing / research for a project I’m working on…and spending some time relaxing. How about yourself?

  8. Vanessa and Scott says

    Hello Noah’s Dad, Rick!  Wow!  What timing!  I had forgotten that you guys are still “catching up” on videos and blogs and I’ll tell you what, it is such a treat!  You see, in exactly 1 month Enzo will be 1 year old!  Yes, and we just started thinking about what to do for his birthday!  
    We have moved so we don’t think it is going to be a big affair, but small and intimate.  Obviously it’s more for us and the celebration of Enzo’s life.  Of course there will be tons of pictures to be taken.  IT will be fun.  However, I don’t doubt that by the time Enzo turns 3, we will remember the Home Depot party!  I hope they do that here.  I’ll have to find out….but not right now.  
    I can’t tell you how much fun it is to think that just a year ago our little man was still in my tummy, kicking and turning all over the place and then soon he was going to come out and show me all of God’s love!  Seriously, even writing this, I get choked up.  God is so good and we are so blessed!  Okay….standyby, I have to get a kleenex!
    Okay, phew!  I am sure you know what I am going through.  
    I look forward to “catching up” on your video blogs as well.  Our place is almost clear of the “just moved in” look and that will make it easier for us to sit and enjoy Noah’s great milestones!  Take care.  Hugs to Abbie and Noah!

  9. Aviva Brandt says

    I knew about Home Depot’s program, but could never get my daughter and husband on board at the same time. 🙂

    As for random places for bday parties, a friend threw her son’s 4th bday party in a showroom for those amazing play structures that sell for huge amounts of money. It was brilliant for a February party because it was indoors, but there was TONS of space for the kids to run around and play like mad. The kids had a great time, and I’m still a fan of bday parties that wear kids out so they go home nice and tired having gotten lots of great exercise. 🙂 Apparently this place had a party program so it wasn’t the first time they’d done this kind of thing, but it was not at all well known and I was so impressed that my friend discovered it!

    • @aviva,

      Wow! That is awesome! I actually just posted a picture of one of those places with amazing play structures in the post after this one. That’s awesome. Did they look like the one in the picture I posted?

      It sounds like it must have been a vey fun birthday.

  10. Jamie Lentz says

    that looks like it is a super fun party!  i will add this one to my birthday party toolbox 😉  We are adopting a little guy with down syndrome and it is always nice to connect with other parents!!!  Your little guy is adorable!

    • @jamie,

      That is fantastic! Where are you guys adopting from? And who are you going through? I can’t wait to hear all about it. How far along in the process are you guys?

  11. I love your story and I have a cousin with down syndrome who is almost 9 months and she is crawling like noah did when he was picking out his books i
    I follow u on facebook and look at ur pic all day if i could becasue he is so cute.

    ONE QUESTION!!! Are u thinking about having anymore kids?!?!

    Forever & Always fan of Noah

    • Very cool. Free free to post a picture of your nephew on our Facebook page. : And YES we are planning on having 2 more children (God willing!) 🙂

      Does your cousin have any other children?

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