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  1. Alisha Christensen says

    God is using your family in amazing ways to be salt and light and give hope to the world.
    Thank you so much for sharing your journey! Your family is AWESOME, and Noah is AHHHdorable! We are prayerfully considering adopting a 6 month old baby boy with DS. We are praying and seeking God’s will for our increase. We have one typically developing, 2.5 year old daughter who is the JOY of our lives!

  2. Our little boy is now 2. It has been a very rough 2 years with many doctors appts. We had no clue our baby had DS. A few hours after birth we were told our baby had downs like it was a sad thing :(. We did not see it that way :). The only sad part was Reise was born with transient leukemia, whick converted to AML when he was 1. Chemotherapy sucked. Our little boy almost died with an ecoli infection around his gtube. Other than being def and having leukemia and a PDA Reise had no other complitcation from DS. Reise was born 8 1/2 weeks early and had to be intubated so it cause him to develop BDP and had to be on oxygen his first year, and spend 4 months in the NICU before coming home. Still after 2 years I still get emotional thinking about being asked if we wanted to keep him or not. Our answer will never change HE IS OUR LITTLE BOY 🙂

  3. Our “little girl” turned 11 last month – my, how the time has flown!

    • My daughter is going to be 14 this May 1st she is an amazin child I had always high espectations and she has always surpass them you can view her at If you ever in Santa Cruz area I would love to meet your lovely girl. Maria

  4. Tracy Trask says

    Couldn’t get pic to post.

  5. Tracy Trask says

    We found out Ryan had Down Syndrome when I was only 16 weeks along. All the fears disappeared when we saw his face. Love at first sight!! Such a blessing!!

  6. Benny #2 11/21/2001

  7. …At her Senior prom this past May…with her ‘beau’ (They plan on getting married in 5 years!)

  8. I was happy to share my sippy cup thoughts and then i got an email thanking me for replying and it mentioned that you like hearing other peoples stories. My cousin has a blog and asked me to write a guest blog about downs, which actually turned into two blogs. this link will take you to the first and you can find the second one from there… Anyway, if you are interested it’s basically our story…

  9. Kaku Kyiamah says

    Down syndrome, when observed or diagnosed before the baby is one year old can be cured with a systematic feeding of the baby with virgin coconut oil (VCO) in the diet. 5 ml of VCO in each meal or at least 30ml in each meal of the lactating mother should be adequate to bring the baby to a normal state. The baby should at no time be given any food which contains processed unsaturated vegetable fat or hydrogenated fat.
    When a pregnant woman eats food that contains organic milk butter, VCO and virgin olive oil, then she is most likely to have a very healthy baby. In order to avoid Down syndrome and any of the neural diseases that affect children, pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid processed unsaturated vegetable fats or hydrogenated fats in their food. If they want to have and maintain a healthy family, then they should not go near any food that contains processed unsaturated vegetable fat or hydrogenated fat.

    • Go away. DS is not a disease. Your stupidity is a disease.

    • That is nowhere near true. Down Syndrome is not a “neural disease.” Down syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome. Chromosomal abnormalities cannot be cured or prevented by any of the methods you mentioned.

    • Somewhere, your high school English teacher is weeping. I’m concerned you may be doubt into dating a French Model you meet on Craig’s List or purchase some undeveloped real estate in the Florida wetlands. You may want to investigate the following terms, bias, media bias, credible source, reliability, logical appeal, fallacy, scare tactics, persuasive appeals….or generally take 10th grade English over again.

    • This comment made me laugh at the stupidity of the person for what they wrote. Seriously, your mother must have been completely lacking in something while carrying you. Perhaps you should consider bathing in Virgin Coconut Oil to cure yourself. Be sure it’s a virgin though because if another coconut has soiled it then the cure won’t work.

    • Can this ridiculous post be removed before it confuses people?

    • Annie Dean Holder says

      really. really? Ignorance is a disease that can be cured by reading . I suggest you try some. You cant “fix” DS, but you can fix stupid.

      • Annie Dean Holder says

        ….and on the “normal” comment. My grand daughter is more “normal” than you shall ever be. She is a delightful, articulate, smart, wonderful pretty, kind little girl. You should be so lucky to be half the person she is at 4.

    • Charity Clark says

      Wow. What complete and utter nonsense. At first I thought it was a sick joke, but I think that this person actually believes this. Ignorant, and misinformed.

    • This is stupidity at its finest. You need to educate yourself.

    • @ Kaku: You know what’s retarded? Your empathy. You never developed any, did you?

    • Carolyn Gabriel says

      It would not matter if you ate bees knees and butterfly wings. That does not cause Down Syndrome. Sadly, you have gotten the wrong information.

    • Children with DS are NORMAL-don’t try to cure/change them.
      Make sure they have all the opportunities to learn, grow, live & love!

      • Stephanie Hoster says

        This should be removed. I hope you are NOT in medical school. Ignorant.

      • Durgys A Ramirez says

        Excellent!!! Children with Down’s Syndrome are NORMAL. It is Society’s View of them that is Not Normal.

        Children with Down’s Syndrome are GOD’S Gift to Humanity.

  10. Your son is the cutest little boy anyone ever did see, Noah’s Dad! I enjoy reading about your lives!

  11. I so enjoy seeing pictures of Noah his smile always makes me smile! I just know he’s gonna be an amazing big brother. He is such a happy beautiful lil man! I have 11 month old twin boys and also have 2 girls ages 13 and 9. All four of my babies are my life just the way you feel about your family that means alot to me because i have seen alot of not so good parents to its great to see family like your who you can so tell love there children more then anything. Keep up the good work mom and dad your doing an amazing job! Keep the pics and blogs coming i love them!

  12. Evie White says

    my daughter-in-law turned my on to your blog. I love it. keep up the good work.

  13. I love this website. It is a great resource for parents as well as myself, a member of the community. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Zac is now 17 years old. He is a funny, sweet, smart, and strong individual. The world should have more people with his qualities!!! He has a way of keeping me grounded because-no matter what the circumstance: he smiles at me and showers me with love!!!! Life is sweeter because of him…I am thankful every day!!!!

  15. Ivelise Giarolla says

    Wonderful. I live in Brazil and recently questioned this subject in a Facebook community to participate. In my country there is nothing yet regulated, but I believe in the potential of our children. If they are capable, and pass the tests, what’s wrong with driving a car? I’m glad there are already people in the world who are qualified to drive.
    Thanks for the information. ‘ve Shared here in Brazil in our groups.

  16. Hi,
    I am really quite fortunate that, I am attached and working in a school where great teaching process has been set up to encourage and teach these pupil. Although my job is basically back office job but I always feel happy and proud to be a part of this society.


  17. Susan Simmons says

    ~~Our Princess Kayla~~

  18. thank you

  19. Munashe my lil angel has cerebral palsy.

  20. Love it. Thank you for your advocate work. Have a two year little girl with downs. She is our sun shine

  21. Marylynn Gladhill says

    This is Derek at 3 and a half. By the way he gives Noah’s picture a kiss every time we show it to him!

  22. They are all so sweet and cute!

  23. Dear Noah’s dad and Noah, while we may disagree about certain words, you have a beautiful child. Don’t let “those that know” ever stop you from believing in a bright future. The journey can be very long, but the experience is worth everything you go through.
    At four, when my son was diagnosed with autism, I was told by a top specialist in autism that our goal was to make sure my son could function in a group home setting at the age of 18.
    I cried and then I thought…no way is that going to be his future.
    It has been 23 years since that diagnosis. My son graduated from college with a BA in English, found good employment working for the county and is currently volunteering overseas teaching English as a second language.
    Give your son the right tools, he will find his place in the world. Good luck, G_d bless.

  24. Hello Ms Anders,
    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cherrick Gordon and I am a pediatric physical therapist. I have a number of years experience working with infants and toddlers with Down Syndrome.
    I recently started a newsletter to share my knowledge about the importance of early movement and it’s impact on development and learning later on in life. This newsletter also provides parents of young children with actionable advice, exercises, and techniques they can use to help their babies get off to the right start. I believe that an early start in the development of gross motor skills impacts everything that comes later.
    Please share this with anyone who you feel would benefit from such knowledge. Here is a link to opt in to receive the newsletter.
    Yes! I would like to receive weekly tips to help my baby with down syndrome develop gross motor skills

    I thank you for you time.
    Cherrick Gordon,MSPT

  25. Noah you are gods gift for your family .I am happy that your parents are posting blogs and letting us know how good you grow.Please update Noah story as it a moral inspiration for other children and parents

  26. Noah is a gift for your family and i happy that you shared this story to every body from this website, its an inspiration to all parents.

  27. Dear, Andrea
    I am sorry they your baby boy Noah is born very sick. I am pray they your husband and baby boy Noah have a better life.

  28. I love really cute babies with Down syndrome

  29. Severine Sev says

    I find those babies and toddlers very beautiful.They are loved by GOD and gifts from god. I actually don’t have children but as a little girl i was institutionalized for a year because i didn’t adapt myself at school and i was an angry little girl and felt abandoned..i lived rough times because of a family divorce and a father that abandoned me so i was put in a special school and knew children with down syndrome.Later i had trainings in special schools because these children give a lot of love and i admired my early educators maybe. I think that the world needs these children with special needs because their Heart IS SO BIG AND THEY DONT MAKE DIFFERENCES.They only give love and have a lot to bring to normal people..God bless them! God bless you.

  30. You are awesome Rick 🙂
    Praise the god.

  31. We want to say you very thank you too dear!

  32. Kelley Johnson says

    I just wrote my long story about my 36 yr old son and how having a child with DS at the age of 21 was so overwhelming.. and now as I was searching for a picture of him my story is gone. Things have come along way for all people with disabilities in the last 36 years and I am so glad to see Noah’s Dads blog and the difference I know he making for so many families. I would have given anything to talk to a mother with a child with DS.. if anyone would like to email me with a question or just talk to someone that’s been down this beautiful road please feel free to email me. I’m so glad I was never tested while I was pregnant with him because at 21 with a 15 month old son, I’m truly not sure what decision I would have made and every day I thank God for blessing me to be his mother. He has taught me more than I could ever teach him.please feel free to email me with your story or if I can help in any way. Merry Christmas to you all

  33. I read your post. This is the first time I am seeing your full post. Awesome writing. It’s really helpful. Thank you so much for giving the important information.

  34. please help this single mom raise her Down Syndrome newborn
    thank you

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