How My Son Showed Me I Was A Superhero

I thought maybe baby Noah wanted a little late-night-milk-night-cap, but I was wrong.  He wanted something that filled him up far more than a bottle of milk ever could….me.

It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane…It’s A Parent…!

It fills my heart to know that I have that sort of power over my son.  That just a few minutes of me can turn my screaming, crying  son into a cute, smiling, baby boy.  As you can see in the video just the sound of my voice turned screams into laughs….amazing (and powerful.)

Before becoming a dad I knew parents had a lot of influence on their children, but I had no idea they were superheros. (With very special, special powers.)


cute baby boy with down syndrome sleeping

"Dad, you're cooler than my stuffed dog!"

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child

A few months ago I wrote about three free gifts your child will like better than an iPad, and today’s video helps prove my point.If you’re a parent then you’re familiar with the scene in today’s video. It’s bedtime. Your baby (or teenager) is nosily (and sometimes loudly) trying to get your attention. And you lovingly (and sometimes loudly) try to get them to go to sleep. But he (or she) isn’t budging.

Guess what.  That noise is love.  Yelp.  Love. (And sometimes manipulation, but that’s another post….)

I’ve been telling parents this for years:

“One of the greatest gifts a parent can give their children is a parent.”

Cute baby boy with down syndrome sleeping

"Dad, you're my hero!" (For real!)

Parents Are Superheros

From day one, until the end of their life, kids want parents.  It’s ingrained in them.  It’s in their DNA.  They long to be held, to be played with, to be talked to (not at).  To be loved.

“You are a superhero to your children.  Never forget that.  Ever.”

As parents we must keep the main thing the main thing, and continue to be intentional about spending time loving on our children.  Parent’s are always looking for “good deals” on gifts to give their children.  Isn’t it great that the one thing they want the most is free?

What are some of your favorite (and fun) ways to spend time with your children?

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