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  1. Carolyn210 says

    I follow you and Noah on FB and now I have your blog and videos! I feel so lucky to find you. I have no family w/ Down’s Syndrome, but I feel incredibly close to your family. Thank you for sharing Noah. He is God’s Angel and he softens my old, hard heart.

  2. Sonya Vasquez says

    I have to say Thank you for your website, I too have a baby with DS. He is 13 month’s old and there does not go a day without him doing something that amazes us.He is awesome just like Noah. I have been glued to your site all day long. Aside from the adorable pictures, videos and milestone alerts I especially love all the informative information you post. I have shared your site with 5 of the moms(and dads) who live here in Del Rio, Texas. We are in the process of getting our own “chapter” here and appreciate the information you post to help us and give us idea’s to help our little one’s with DS . Continue the good job and may God Bless you and your family as he has blessed us. :0)

  3. Thank you for the web site .. I have a son who is 18 months old with DS, he is the joy of my life … I cry joyful tears daily at the milestones he succeeds at … Noah Donald and I thank you for your sharing yourself and your Noah with the world

  4. Dear Noah & Noah’s Dad,

    So I just got a tip from someone to start following your website. 3 weeks ago I became an aunt for the first time! Our first baby was born in the family, my big brother was now a father and my parents grandparents 🙂 When my brother called to tell me he became a father I could tell something was wrong. He did not sound happy and excited, but really sad. Lara my niece has Down Syndrome…. Which of course was a shock to all of us. I think that we were mostly worried about my brother and his girlfriend. It is there first child and they do not know what to expect, will she be healthy, how will she develop, what will the future hold… Questions which will be answered over the coming years.
    Another thing that I personally experienced is that for some reason I found it difficult to tell colleagues and friends that I became an aunt… Which is weird because I was very excited (still am) but for some reason I did not feel like sharing this with other people… But I did tell people I became an aunt and I told it with pride, because under any other circumstances I would be proud and excited so why should this change? And other thing I noticed is that other people (colleagues/friends) are less excited, they do not ask how the baby is doing, they do not say “oh what a cute baby” when I show pictures… This is what makes me sad, and I feel it is my responsibility to let people know I am proud of my little niece and that she is the cutest thing ever!!!

    I will send your website to my brother and his girl friend and hope it will help them on their journey of raising their daughter,

    Kind regards,


  5. There are so many blogs run by women (myself included) about Down syndrome. Thanks for setting an example on how men should love and care for their families! It is great to see how you love your son and how you are a leader in showing the ultimate commitment to your children.

  6. geraldine mccaughan says

    hi have been following noahs page we have a wee boy called joe who has ds would not change him for the world .He has bought so much joy and happiness 2 our family joe is four now, going in to p1 in september.

  7. Hi Noah’s mommy and daddy

    Thank you so much for sharing with your writing and your photos. Yes indeed many need to learn more about Down syndrome. Your blog is so precious!

    The Christmas photos were FABULOUS!!! Noah must be the best decorated baby that Christmas…and every Christmas!! They are really blessings aren’t they? I give thanks that you’ve embraced Noah and have loved him and given him so many wonderful toys that will stimulate him, including the Christmas lights!!

    My youngest, Li-Ann has Down Syndrome too. She is 7 this year. Li-Ann is such an adorable darling and we LOVE her. God has been blessing us and her and everyday we give thanks that she’s doing well.

    May I invite you to share in our joy? Drop by my blog for a visit http://icandoitmama.wordpress.com/ I pray that our lives will encourage you to persevere in your journey with Noah. Keep touch!!

  8. I love your images of Noah and your insights…. My son is 18 years old and what a fun ride we have been on. He keeps us all on our toes along with his teachers, aides and the local fire fighters. More stories about my big guy Nick, age 18 @www.nickspecialneeds.wordpress.com.

  9. Hi,

    My name is Cynthia. I am writing from Singapore. I had 3 kids( 2girls aged 6 & 8 and 1boy 2months 1day,who was born with Down Syndrome).

    Saw your blog when we were searching on net for more information regards to DS. Hope to stay connected with you guys!

  10. Hi Noah’s Dad…. Nice to find your website and fb account…. I am a Muslim mother from Egypt… I have a down syndrome girl…. She is 8 now…. She is the joy of my life… Actually…. I have twins, a boy and a girl…. The boy is just normal kid but my girl “Bassma”, that is her name which means a smile, is a down syndrome girl….
    We have been through a lot since she was born and discovered that she is a down syndrome baby….. She had a problem with her heart and had a surgery when she was 6 months old…. She is fine now… Doesn’t take any medicines for heart any more, just do some check ups on her heart condition every six months and she is stable…..
    Our major problems with her now is teaching and learning in school…. Unfortunately, as i live in a developing country, so i don’t have the facilities you have at yours, and this special intervention you have for kids with special needs…. Still don’t have the equipments and the qualified people to help…. Our country still needs alot to be done for special needs kids….
    But still hope i can learn anything from your group…. Despite that this sometimes feel sad that my kids don’t live this environment….
    Any way, wish Noah the happiest life… And thanks for the effort done… It is really great…. May God bless you all….

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