Library Storytime Is Even Better With Grandma!

We got an extra treat during our vacation. My mom is a former elementary teacher who LOVED and still loves literacy. I always thought that she would own a bookstore one day, but she found an even better way to be around books. She is THE Children’s Librarian at Basalt Regional Library.

library story time down syndrome baby boy best storyteller

She works hard creating GREAT programming like bringing the circus and a magician for summer reading. She even does science experiments!  Just hearing about it makes me want to read.

library story time down syndrome baby boy grandma reading

Grandma reading to Noah

We got the prilvedge of attending her storytime while we were in town. She typically doesn’t do the baby storytime but she made an exception for a special guest. It was awesome!

Noah is starting to like peek-a-boo so imagine how much he enjoyed the story Peekaboo Bedtime.



Grandma even let him ring bells during a song!

(We won’t talk about what happened during patty cake) 🙂

library story time down syndrome baby boy ring bells

I was extremely proud to be the daughter of the fantastic storyteller among MANY other things.  I know that Noah had a great time and can’t wait until he gets to go again.

library story time down syndrome baby boy i love grandma

I love you grandma


library story time down syndrome baby boy heartbreaker

library story time down syndrome baby boy playing 2Noah was quite the little ladies’ man during story time.  He was meeting all sorts of new friends, whom just happened to be all girls.

He got to play in the toy box and he was paying close attention to this sitting business.

I am fairly certain he left a lasting impression with his cuteness.

library story time down syndrome baby boy play


First Step in Speech Development

Since Noah was born, my mom continually asks if we are reading to Noah. Of course we are mom!! I had a great example.

library story time down syndrome baby boy with grandma

Thanks Grandma!

The first step you can do for speech development in any child is read to them. You can get the whole family involved. I often tell families to have their school-age children read to the younger ones. This way both benefit.

And who doesn’t love a bedtime story? This will help kids hear how to use words as well as build their vocabulary and imagination.

Extra Time with Grandpa

Noah got to hang out with his grandpa and dad in the afternoon while his mom and grandma went shopping (our favorite past time).

grandparents-angry-bird-ipad-games-grandsonGrandpa got introduced to the iPad and wanted to play “that bird game (Angry Birds) that Guy (Noah’s cousin) was so interested in” Noah was kind enough to teach his grandpa all about the iPad.

Do you have any good child storybook recommendations?  Also, do you attend storytime at your local library / bookstore with your little ones?

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing vacation! welcome back.

  2. So cute!

  3. Hi
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Noah is an amazing, cute and adoreble little boy. He is an inspirational hero. I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and I love it when people sign my guestbook.

    • Jenna thanks so much for commenting. And we agree with you…He is a hero!

      I’ll be sure to check out our website…by the way, have you “liked” us on Facebook? —->

  4. Dear Noah,
    Grandma was so proud to have you and your mommy and daddy attend story time at the library. I love my family and I loved sharing the joy of reading with you. Grandpa and I can’t wait until your next visit. I wonder what books we will read?
    By the way, we are not only proud grandparents but very proud parents.
    Love, Grammy

    • Wow…!!! I can’t believe! Grandma from Colorado left a comment!

      We feel so honored! We miss you.

      Oh, and we have some good “blooper” footage from that day, but we’ll leave that for your eyes only!

      Love you guys.

  5. chastity mcbryde says

    with my older son, we always liked ‘go, dog. go!’

    with my younger son, i found ‘moondogs’ by daniel kirk while i was pregnant, and read it to him while he was in my belly as frequently as possible. after he was born, i’d read it and he’d stop what he was doing and listen to me read it. now that he’s older, we’ve got much of it memorized, but we’ve been through 3 copies of it now. not advocating cartoon dog violence against men in the moon, but this is one of our favorite books (and used copies are cheap!).

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