3 Reasons Snip-Its Makes Getting Your Child’s Haircut Fun, Not Frustrating

how to get your child down syndrome behave first hair cut

Today we took Noah to get his first real haircut. I say that because this was actually the second time we’ve taken Noah to get a haircut. I can’t really count his first hair cut as his first real haircut however since all he did was sit on my lap at the end of one of my haircuts and have my hairstylist give him a trim.

Oh and he wasn’t a fan, but really, what toddler really likes to get a haircut?

I’ve heard horror stories from other parents about their frustrating experience trying to get their child’s haircut, and I was worried how Noah would do when he had to actually get a real haircut. Thankfully, we found a place that specializes in giving kids haircuts, but not just that…they actually specialize in giving children with special needs haircuts! Pretty awesome, huh?

Check out the video below of Noah getting his first haircut from Snip-Its below then keep reading to see why we like this place!

3 Reasons You Should Take Your Kid To Snip-Its For Their Hair Cuts

I thought Snip-Its was a local chain, but it turns out they actually have locations all over the United States. For those of you looking for a great place to take your toddler (or child with special needs) to get a haircut I thought I’d give you a few reasons why Snip-Its rocks!

If you don’t live in one of the areas where they have locations I’d love to hear about your experiences getting your child’s hair cut, where you go, how your children do with haircuts, etc, in the comments below (and I know other parents would as well as children’s haircuts are a topic that come up often.)

1. They have a fun, kid-friendly atmosphere.

first haircut for my child with down syndrome with daddy

From the second you walk in you are greeted by a super fun environment that really draws kids in. Snip-Its feels more like Disney Land than a barber shop. Each station your child sits at as a television that plays cartoons that helps to distract kids from the hair cut awesomeness!

happy mom and son child hair cut

Noah and his mommy…after the haircut!

(Although Noah really wasn’t feeling the cartoons, he was more concerned with those metal blades coming towards his head!) But still, the environment is fun, and one that your kids will enjoy walking into.

2. The Hair Stylists Are Trained To Work With Children

Unlike most barber shops who cut people’s hair of all ages, Snip-Its only cuts children’s hair so they are trained to help them calm down and get their haircut. The entire time Noah was getting his hair cut the lady that was cutting his hair would stop and blow bubbles, show him toys, etc. It doesn’t mean he has all smiles (as you can tell from the pictures and video) but I could see kids liking this place.

As I mentioned they are also trained to work with children with special needs, and even have a video on their website about how they support the autism community. That’s pretty cool in my book!

Oh, and something else, they were kind and patient, both important qualities for someone who cuts children’s hair! 🙂

down syndrome child getting haircut special needs

down syndrome child getting haircut special needs

down syndrome child getting haircut special needs

Poor little guy….

using iphone while toddler getting haircut

Trying to distract him with a little iPhone movie!

child down syndrome first hair snip its

Mommy to the rescue!

one year old special needs child getting haircut

He’s much happier now!

3. Your kids get a prize at the end of the haircut!

As you saw in the video above Noah got to get a prize after his haircut was over, and hey, who doesn’t like prizes!

child down syndrome first hair snip its  baby with down syndrome happy in haircut chair

child learning to point

So fresh and clean! (I love this kid!)

We really had a great experience getting Noah’s first real haircut done at Snip-Its. The hair stylists were kind, patient, and Noah really liked it here (for the most part.) Noah’s only one year old at the time at this video, and I don’t know many one year olds who love getting their hair cut, but all and all I think he did great! We will certainly be going back to Snip-Its for future hair cuts. By the way, they also do some fun themed birthday parties, which I’m assuming would be pretty fun for a little girl!

Have you ever been to Snip-Its? Where does your child go for hair cuts, and how does your child do when getting haircuts? Leave a comment below and be sure to add any tips that could help parents whose child doesn’t do so well at the barber shop. Thanks!

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Hi, I'm Noah's Dad and I'm passionate about giving the world a window into our life as we raise our son who was born with Down syndrome. I also enjoy connecting with other families, so let's stay connected.


  1. kaitlyn Tomkinson says

    aww I love watching the video of him getting his hair cut 🙂 He looks so cute the whole time:) We have an awful hard time cutting my little brothers (who has DS) Dustin’s hair , maybe we should take him to Snip-its . Even though , he is 20 years old so he mite be a little too old , but his mind is about at three years old , maybe they”ll make an exception:) haha

    • Thanks for your comment. I don’t know your brother, but are you sure his mind is at a three years old level?

      Don’t under estimate people with Down syndrome, they are capable of doing some pretty amazing things!

  2. This is Keyan’s first haircut!! It’s not at a Snip-It location, however she (Robyn, from Robyn’s Nest Salon) did a great job! This one is from 2 years ago– and he was asleep! Talk about an easy haircut 🙂 all the ones after have been a little more complicated!!! But she does a great job and is fast!!

  3. This is so awesome! Wish there were more people and places like Snip-It’s!

  4. Robyn McCarthy says

    I think the key is to find an understanding hairdresser. We struggled for quite some time until we found just the right one. We had a barber say to us “I just don’t have time for this” (waiting for him to sit still) which was very frustrating (as this was his Poppy’s regular barber). In the end, we found a patient and understanding hairdresser who, we found out later, had several clients with disabilities. This beautiful lady crawled around on the floor chasing my son, snipping here and snipping there, until she finished the job. She used to line her apprentice up and give my son her water spray bottle to keep him amused while she cut his hair. She did this for about 8 years! Now, my son (19yrs) absolutely loves going to see “his girl” at the hairdressers. We have since relocated and have had no issues. Be prepared for it to be a stressful experience for a while, but your persistence will pay off in the end 🙂

    • Wow, I can’t believe the other hairdresser said that you, I”m so sorry.

      It sounds like you found a good place now, way to guy!

      And thanks for the advice to other parents on how to help their child get their haircut!

  5. Piper Ward Woodring says

    Great article and photos! I am a Cosmetology Instructor at a High School Cosmetology Program. We are especially blessed that our department shares the hall with the EC Department so my students and I get to help children with special needs almost on a daily basis. It is great experience. Every salon in which I worked before I started teaching I was the “child specialist”. Personally, since Noah isn’t a blur in the pictures, I think he did preetty well!

  6. Funny this should come up… we just slew the haircut demon in-house- by cutting E’s hair (3 1/2 y/o) in front of his favorite video (Shaun the Sheep) What used to take at least three people to complete -(One held in lap, one locked head in hands, one cuts) – was accomplished by just Mom- he twitched a bit around the ears, but so does the 21 year old…

  7. Raymond Gratton says

    Haha, Noah does not look happy in that video, though I will say he looks just like every other kid that gets their hair cut. Benjamin just got his first haircut and he was none too pleased about it either.

    • Lol, what 1 year old does like to get a haircut?? 🙂

      By the way your little guy is ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing his picture. Does he have any brothers or sisters?

  8. We got my daughters first haircut done at Snip-Its and we loved it. She was 2.5. She also got her hair braided and nails done too. I love how kid friendly they were. I also like the little certificate they give you with the little piece of hair.

  9. I just gave my son his first “real” haircut. He will be three at the end of October. I cut his hair with clippers at first he was scared and then I ran the clippers over my arm and showed him it doesn’t hurt and it only cuts hair. That helped him to calm down and he sat still (as still as any 2 year old can haha) for the rest of the hair cut. 🙂
    You have probably already figured this out, but EC stands for exceptional children.

  10. Hi Rick!! I just wanted to say how amazing Noah did (& mom & dad!) with his haircut!! I’m the manager of the SnipIts in Pearland, Texas! We love helping with any child’s needs no matter what those needs are! It does take special stylists to be able to do what we do and to love what we do for any family that walks in our doors. Know if you’re ever in Pearland, Texas please know you’re all welcome and cared for! Take care and God Bless!!

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