Proud Grandparents Throw a PARTY!

I’m sure that you have all experienced proud grandparents and how they love to show off pictures, stories, and even videos if you are part of the family. Well imagine how excited they get when they have all of their grandchildren under one roof!

Well these grandparents throw a PARTY!

down syndrome baby boy family

Party time for baby Noah!

My parents invited all of their closest friends to meet the grandkids in person. We dined on BBQ ribs and Olathe corn (google it!)  to name just a few of the yummy things on the menu.

down syndrome baby eating

Noah snacking on something yummy.

The party was a huge success!  There was no doubt Noah, Guy, and Georgiana were the stars of the party!

down syndrome baby family fun

Noah felt like a VIP all night.

We are now “Noah’s parents” and no longer Abbie and Rick.  In fact, I’m fairly certain that we could have snuck out of the party and no one would have even noticed.  Noah was the perfect gentleman and was in someone’s arms (besides mine) the entire evening. We thought he was going to sleep through the whole thing since he didn’t nap all afternoon, but once he once we realized the spotlight was on him he perked right up!

He was quite a hit.

Hanging Out With My Family

cute kids baby

What a cute group of kids!

One of the best parts of our trip is that Noah finally got to hang out with his aunt and uncle.

My brother and I grew up without any aunts, uncles or cousins. I’m excited to see what this experience is like. Watching them love on Noah was awesome. I was also excited to hang out with my nephew (Guy) and my niece (Georgiana) whom I had never met.

cute baby girl smile

Georgiana has quite the smile!

Home Videos Are Better Than Cartoons

My nephew is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I haven’t seen him in almost a year and he has grown so much. His imagination is thriving and he loves to play. It was fun to just read stories and explore the pages with him.

father and son boy

Pretty fashionable for a 3 year old.

My parents were quite impressed with his ability to use the iPad. He could play games, his favorite being Angry Birds and could pick out videos to watch.  His parents have put videos of him when he was smaller on the iPad and they are some of his favorite things to watch.

He was showing me all sorts of events like his first birthday, swimming in the pool in the backyard, and Christmas.  He seemed to like those more than his cartoons that were also on there.  It made me wonder just how much fun Noah will get to have.

What sort of family do you come from? Big family? Small family? How often do you try to get togather?

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  1. Denise Smith.....A.K.A. Noah's Nana says

    I was watching that video of the party and the end when I see and hear you putting Noah to sleep, made me so proud of you. I knew you were a good father but that really touched my heart! Love you!

    • Awww…thanks. 🙂

      I’ve been trying to capture the moment he goes to sleep on video for a long time. I was glad to finally get it!

      It’s so funny watching him go in and out of sleep. I left out about three minutes of that video where he was going in and out of sleep. It was pretty funny.

  2. Love following adorable Noah and his adventures! And it looks like a wonderful vacation. We have 7 grandkids, the youngest having that magic extra chromosome. He’s unbelievably cute as well! And I can so relate to your mom – when the family’s together it’s party time! Enjoy!

    • Kathy,

      Thanks so much. It was a very wonderful vacation. (As you can tell we are a bit behind on our videos, but also slowly getting caught back up.)

      And congrats on the 7 grandkids, I know you guys have a ton of fun! Heck, you should start your own blog…I’m sure you have lots of tales to tell.

      By the way, be sure to grab a Gravatar ——>

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