How the Peloton Bike Helps Our Son Stay Healthy

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Before the pandemic, my wife and I were both members at Orange Theory Fitness (and loved it.) However, around the start of the COVID pandemic last year we canceled our OTF membership and purchased a Peloton exercise bike (and later one of their treadmills.) I had always thought the Peloton bikes were too expensive, but we actually ended up saving money compared to what we were paying for our other fitness memberships.

One of the great benefits of the Peloton bike is you only have to pay one monthly fee and everyone in your home can have their own account. Shortly after having our exercise bike delivered we set Noah up with his own Peloton account and let him ride the bike. As you can see in the video below he really likes it!

Although Noah loves playing sports, it can be difficult for him to get exercise on a regular basis. We know that keeping Noah healthy is important and we want to help him make healthy choices as he grows up. The Peloton bike (or really any exercise bike) can help someone with Down syndrome, like Noah, stay healthy by making it convenient to exercise daily.

Our Peloton bike and treadmill is in my home office so I can watch Noah on the bike while I get work done. The variety of content is great also; Peloton is constantly adding new content that keeps things fresh (Noah especially likes the Disney-themed ride!) Also, even if your child hasn’t learned to ride a bike (yet) they can easily learn to ride a stationary bike like the Peloton. On top of that; the price of the bike and the monthly subscription fee is well under 100 dollars a month. While that’s not a small expensive, it isn’t bad if you can consider everyone in your house can have their own account and use the Peloton bike and app to stay healthy (in many cases it comes out cheaper than a household gym membership.)

To be honest, we haven’t been consistent about Noah getting on the exercise bike, but I want to be. It’s super easy for him to ride, he enjoys it, and it’s an easy way for him to get exercise and stay healthy.

What sort of activities does your child with Down syndrome / special needs do to stay healthy.

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  1. Dee Weaver says

    This is awesome. How much is this bike and where can you buy it?

  2. I am also looking to buy Peloton Bike for my kid to stay healthy. It seems a good investment.

  3. Oh my! Is he dancing his way through the woods? He looks like he is having so much fun. YAY!

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