Noah Visits Narnia

We’ve had a great time this week hanging out in Colorado Springs. I had no idea there was so many fun things to do in here.  We’ve already climbed to the top of 7 falls, went on the olympic training center tour, played on the beach, and today we decided to check out the Focus on the Family campus, and the United States Air force Academy.

Focus On The Family Was Lots Of (Free) Fun

boy with down down syndrome at focus on the family

"Dad, where am I?"

boy with down syndrome at focus on the family

Not quite.....

We saw a pamphlet for Focus on the Family in our hotel lobby and wasn’t really sure if we wanted to go our not.  I wasn’t sure what they had other then a really nice bookstore, and since we wanted to maximize our time while on vacation, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to take the time to drive down I-25 to their office.

We ended up going, and I’m glad we did because it has much more then a large bookstore.  Best of all it is free!  We were surprised to find out they had a large, fun kids area that felt like you were inside of a cartoon while walking through it.

As we were walking around this engrmous place, we saw a sign for an old fashioned soda shop on the wall.  We assumed it was just a prop since the entire place was themed, but as we turned the corner we were standing inside of an old fashioned soda shop!

We decided to order a couple of treats and relax for a minute.  I ordered their special chocolate shake which they made with old fashioned soda as opposed to milk, and it was great!

boy with down syndrome having a milkshake

Like father, like son! (We both like milkshakes.)

There was an entire Chronicles of Narnia area, that was really neat.  As you can see in the video we entered Narnia by walking through the large wardrobe closet!  They also had a slide that was several stories high and I really wanted to go down it, but you can see that Noah was a little to short to go on it…this time.  But we will be back!

If you are ever driving through Colorado Springs and looking for a fun activity to do with your family, I highly suggest visiting Focus on the Family.  Not only is it fun, it’s free! 🙂

boy with down syndrome with aslan

Hanging out with Aslan!

United States Air Force Academy

After having fun in Narnia we stopped by the United States Air force Academy.  I asked via twitter if anyone knew of any fun places to visit in Colorado Springs, and several people said the chapel at the Air Force Academy was a must see, and I agree!  Even though the chapel was built in 1962 I thought it looked very modern.

air force academy chapel colorado springs

The blue sky made for a beautiful backdrop.

air force academy chapel colorado springs family

What a beatiful place!

The inside of the chapel was filled with gorgeous stained glass windows.  I couldn’t’ get over how amazing the sun shinning through stained glass windows looked inside of the chapel.  It was so bright and magnificent it seemed fake. The pictures don’t do it justice.

wife and son inside of the air force academy

I love these two!

As we left I just couldn’t get over how stunning this entire place looked.  The architecture mixed with the huge white clouds, and bright blue sky sat to the backdrop of the mountains just remind me of how big and powerful God is.  His creation is simply breathtaking.

I typically come to Colorado in the winter and so I mostly think of it as a place you go to ski (or snowboard in my case!) But I’m becoming a fan of Colorado in the summer, there is so much to do and coming from Texas I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the landscape! It was so beautiful.

All Vacations Have To Come To An End

having fun with my family at the air force academy.

I love this family!

Today’s the last day of our vacation, and we head back to Texas tomorrow. It’s been nice for Noah to get a break from all of the physical therapy appointments and just have some fun. It’s also been nice just to get away and have some fun as a family. I can honestly say I would have never imagined in a million years my life being as fun as it is.

There is nothing on Earth that compares to having a family that loves God, and each other. The joy that comes form that is deeper then words can express. We seriously have a great time living this life together. There is no one else on Earth I would want to live this journey with more the my wife and son. I am truly blessed.

What do you think about when you think of Colorado?  Skiing and snowboarding, or do you know about all the summer fun?

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