Noah Visits TAG’s Maniac’s Mansion: An Epic Arcade and Cereal Bar

This summer, on the way to visit my wife’s parents in Colorado, we had the chance to stop in Wichita Falls and visit an arcade and cereal bar I had heard about; TAG’s Maniac’s Mansion. And it. was. amazing!

If you’re wondering what an arcade and cereal bar is, it’s exactly what is sounds like; a place where you can play videos games and also have a bowl of rare and fun breakfast cereals from their “cereal bar!” I’ve never seen anything like Maniac’s Mansion. Keep reading to find learn more!

Here’s a little video tour of “The Mansion!”

The cereal bar has all sorts of amazing cereals and you can also add toppings to any cereal you order. Just look at this selection!

I had a bowl of the Sugar Cookie Cinnamon Toast Crunch with whipped cream and sprinkles (and yes, it was as great as it sounds!)

Jaxten had a bowl of Dippin’ Dots cereal with whipped cream.

All of the video games at Maniac’s Mansion are set on free play. You pay one (very small) fee to enter and then you can play all of the games you want, for as long as you want (or until they close, whichever comes first.) They even have a combo package that includes the unlimited free play plus a bowl of cereal. That’s amazing!

Check out this selection of video games!

Not only do they have arcade style games, but they also have consoles games and a ton of toys and other fun “stuff” to look it. So on top of being an arcade and cereal bar, it’s basically a pop-culture toy museum as well!

As amazing as the video games, cereal bar, and toys are; what makes this place REALLY special is the owner; Marcus. This guy is amazing. He is welcoming, fun, kind, and I also found out he dj’d at the Down syndrome Buddy walk in the area! I was blown away by how kind he was to entire family, including Noah! He also hosted our family while we visited which was extremely generous.

I’m a fan of vintage movie posters and I noticed on social media that Marcus was too, so I bought him a Back to the Future 2 poster that I had as a gift. If go visit, you’ll see it hanging on the wall.

We had a blast hanging out at Maniac’s Mansion and especially hanging out with Marcus. If you are ever near Wichita Falls, TX I HIGHLY encourage you to check out out!

Do your kids like going to arcades (or playing console video games?) What are some of their favorite games? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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  1. gail olsen says

    what a great place for the boys,they sure had fun.Koen is a little man now and helps Noah .Always enjoy your videos.

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