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Here’s the live interview our family did with Fox 13 in Las Angeles.  This was our first live interview, and it was very awkward.  Our earpieces kept falling out.  People keep talking in our ear pieces.  The reporters were in LA, and we were in Dallas so we were staring into a camera the whole time.  So yah, we look a little foolish.  Live and learn I guess. 🙂

By the way, listen closely to the news anchor’s tone of voice when he learns the shocking statistic that 9 out of 10 children who test positive for Down syndrome prenatal are aborted.  That’s powerful.  I pray that God will allow all of this media attention to change that.

You can read their article on the Fox LA website as well: Target Cheered For Ad:

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About Rick Smith

Hi, I'm Noah's Dad and I'm passionate about giving the world a window into our life as we raise our son who was born with Down syndrome. I also enjoy connecting with other families, so let's stay connected.


  1. Your description of this interview had me laughing before I even watched it. Isn’t it amazing where the last year has taken your family? Bet you never would have imagined a year ago you would be doing interviews on television. 🙂 Great Job Smith Family. Thanks for helping bring positive attention and understanding to our sweet little bundles of joy!

  2. Stephanie (Warren's Mom) says

    That’s awesome! I love how you brought in the people first language at the end there. I bounced into the living room afterward to tell my husband that that had come up on your facebook page and I was part of that conversation!

    Those ear pieces looked tricky! I wonder if that’s a big deal for kids who wear hearing aids.

    • Ha,ha….thanks.

      I let the “psychological help” statement slide….. 🙂

      • Yeah, I caught that “psychological help” thing, too. But when you only have 3 minutes of airtime…. Gosh, there are a lot of people who need psychological help in our world, but I bet only a very small percentage of them are people with Down Syndrome. It seems to be the more “typical” people who aren’t happy with the way things are in their lives.

        Still, the anchor seemed like a compassionate–if uninformed–guy.

        I was loving Noah’s little wiggly presence, and his half-off sock. People here have quit commenting about my son’s lack of socks. He just will not keep them on! Drives the old ladies at church nuts.

  3. Yall are adorable. I have a question that I want to ask you but I am going to email it. Is that ok?

  4. Loved it! All three of you look great. 🙂

  5. You have done exceedingly well here guys.

  6. I loved watching this because it makes you all seem more like “real” people instead of just faces and videos on a blog. I also found it amusing that you were educating the anchor about the person-first language. As an educator, we’re constantly fighting with this issue, especially with people that are clueless about the reasoning behind it. Unfortunately, in professional journalism, it is allowable to say “Down’s Syndrome Children” rather than a child with Down’s Syndrome. I can’t remember what the reference book is called for publication language but we have it somewhere in the house. It just makes it that much more difficult to educate others.

    • Jennifer Wasserman says

      Renee, do you mean the AP Stylebook?

      Great job, once again Smith Family. I’m so enjoying all of your interviews (and of course, the blog). I have friends in the “typical” community sending me stories about your blog practically on a daily basis. Great to see the word getting out there! I’m proud to have a fellow Metroplex family representing our community so well!

      Jennifer (mom to Sophie, 6, in Plano)

      • That might be it. Or something similar to that…my husband has a Bachelors in journalism so we’ve gone rounds about this because my Bachelors is in education (and I’m working on another one in special education).

  7. Michelle M. says

    Oh, you guys did great!! I had tears in my eyes thinking of the hopeful future of my little guy. Thank you for working so hard to spread the word that our kids deserve all the opportunities typically developing kids have.

    Also, I honestly don’t think that most people understand how many babies w/DS are aborted. You could see the shock on the reporter’s face and hear it in his voice. Hopefully, this will help make people think and start to change some false beliefs.

  8. Trey Jarrard says

    Rick, Abbie, Noah- So proud. May your tribe increase and may your platform for the gospel of Jesus Christ increase through baby Noah, who indeed bears the image of God.

  9. Rochelle Wilson says

    Great job!! The more people see our kids, the better! Praise to God for this wonderful exposure to the world! 😀

  10. love you guys- great job as always! proud to be your friends.

  11. Oh you stinkin cuties!!! What a great interview!!! Loved it. And thanks for the people first language lesson! Didn’t let that slide! AWESOME!!!

  12. Loved the interview. You guys did a great job.

  13. dejais momma says

    I really want to thank you for what your doing for our lil angels! noah reminds me of our lil one , and makes me want one more ! if i could i would adopt everyone i could !!! their smiles and joy make life so worthwild! so thanks for everything !!!!

  14. Oh you stinkin cuties!!! What a great interview!!! Loved it. And thanks for the people first language lesson! Didn’t let that slide! AWESOME!!!

  15. michelle chou says

    awesome job! yeah, you guys looks awkward with the ear pieces, but nevertheless you guys did a wonderful job! woo hoo!

  16. Very cool interview. Awesome work!

  17. Great job! The Wing family is cheering you on! Thank you for all you are doing for our children! God has certainly chosen you “for such a time as this”. We are thankful to be on this journey with you. Our Mason (5 months) thanks you too.

  18. Great interview!

  19. I was such inspired to watch a video of your family and your precious son!!! Your family is awesome!

    I have ministry, Bible Orphan Ministry in Ukraine to orphans with special needs, including Down Syndrome.Some time ago I just found out that children with Down Syndrome can be educated, work, live on their own lives and even marriage.I was amazed and surprised! But I was more shocked when found out that kids with D.S. can be adopted!Yes, it is true.Many people in Ukraine know NOTHING about kids with D.S. They leave them in orphanages or mental institutions where kids denied, non-verbal, does not know how to play, neglected and die in young age.Children suffer much there…

    I`m so happy to see and know about your wonderful family, what an incredible work you do with your cute son, Noah!Your site is such informative! I read your story and agree with pediatrician, your son is adorable. 🙂

  20. FANTASTIC INTERVIEW!!!!!!! I love that you plugged people first language at the end…very well done! All of our kids with DS thank you, your beautiful wife and adorable son, Noah! On behalf of my daughter, Kayla, and all of her friends…thank you for painting a wonderful picture of our kids! 🙂

  21. What a great job you guys did!!!

    I emailed you because I’d love to send you our magazine on parenting children with disabilities — BLOOM.

    Also, you may be interested in a story which has gone viral related to a child with intellectual disability being denied a kidney transplant.:

    This may be something you want to raise awareness of.

    Congratulations to you and Noah and I look forward to his upcoming videos! 🙂

  22. Scott and Vanessa says

    Wow! Seriously. WOW!!!! You guys are my hero!!! Yes, the earpiece thing was noticeable but only because you pointed it out. You guys were PERFECT!!! Noah was so squirmy and adorable. I bet he will soon be the National face of children with Down syndrome. We have the biggest smile on our face right now because of you! Thank you thank you.
    Tone of voice regarding abortions was so sincere! We never knew the stats and obviously the reporter didn’t either (and it’s his job to know!). Wow!
    Correcting his verbage! Well done! He took it well and now people will know to say “children with Down syndrome”!

    We are currently at church and even the pastor’s wife can’t wait to see Ryan on Nightly News tomorrow night. She wants to learn more!!!!!

    God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!! Xoxo

  23. Tracy Brown says

    I just wanted to say you did a great job in the interview. I also like the way you told the reporter about the people first language! As a mother of an almost 15 year old son with Down syndrome, I applaud your efforts. You have a little cutie there, enjoy every moment because it goes soooooo fast!

  24. What a terrific interview – you are completely underselling yourselves in your description!! You all came across really well and did yourselves (AND ALL OF US!!) proud! Keep up the great and amazing work!

  25. You guys did great but the BEST part that brought tears to my eyes was the “people first” comment you squeezed in at the end! Rock on! That was exciting! Thank you!

  26. Can you make a Noah “button” so I can copy to my blog and help to share your story?

  27. You guys did excellent!!

  28. I love that you do this blog. I am going to be a special education teacher and I just love everything you said. Kudos to you for correcting the news anchor. That takes guts and now he knows how to say it right. Great interview! 🙂

  29. Thank you! We hope it helps the world keep learning more about Down syndrome. Thanks…….

  30. The more people see our kids, the better! Praise to God for this wonderful exposure to the world

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