Noah’s First Time To Roll A Ball Back And Forth On The Floor…And The Laugh I Love!

kid with down syndrome playing with ball on floor

This kid likes to have fun!

In my last post I mentioned how much joy it brings me to see Noah doing things that typical children do. When we first learned Noah was born with Down syndrome I remember wondering if I’d ever get a chance to play with Noah the way I thought I would before I knew he had Down syndrome…if that makes sense. In fact that was one of several fears I had about rising a child with Down syndrome…that never came true.

Noah’s almost two years old in this video and it seems like he is in a stage right now where he is achieving new developmental milestones every day, and  I love it! In today’s video you’ll actually see two of my favorite things Noah’s starting to do, laugh out loud and roll a ball back and forth on the floor!

down syndrome baby pushing ball on floor

Learning how to roll a ball back and forth on the floor!

Words can’t describe how proud I am of this little boy. His fine motor skills aren’t developed enough to control his “push back” of the ball (though they are quickly getting there) however as you can see in the video he is working hard to push the ball back towards me once it comes to him. Rolling the ball back and forth is really the first “game” we’ve gotten to play together, so it’s been fun as a dad to finally be able to interact with him like this. I could seriously play this game with him all day!

when does a child roll push a ball back and forth

Ready to play!

Something else I could do all day is listen to his laugh. I mean seriously, how cute can one kid be? (By the way, if you want to see something super adorable check out his laugh when he was just a few months old!)

kids grow up quick

If you close you’re eyes you’ll miss it!

It’s so much fun playing with Noah and seeing how expressive he has become. His little face lights up my life!

Parents, moments like these are priceless. Don’t forget to savor everyone of them because they come and go fast. Kids don’t stay kids for long, and if you close your eyes you’ll miss them! And if you’re a new parent of a child born with Down syndrome I hope videos like these give you hope and encouragement. You may be scared now, but you have a lot to look forward to…trust me!

Has your child started rolling the ball back and forth yet? Also how old was your child when they started to laugh? Leave a comment and let us know. Not only do we enjoy reading your comments, but they are helpful to all of the  other parents who read our blog as well.

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Hi, I'm Noah's Dad and I'm passionate about giving the world a window into our life as we raise our son who was born with Down syndrome. I also enjoy connecting with other families, so let's stay connected.


  1. This boy is adorable, what a cutie x

  2. katy christie says

    How cute is Noah’s laugh! Matthew will be 2 in a couple of weeks and he would have been about 14 months when he started rolling the ball back and forth. Playing with a ball has always been his favourite activity, I am sure he is going to be a footballer! He is starting to laugh out loud more and more now, especially when he is doing something he knows he shouldnt be like climbing on the furniture!

    • I love that!

      Noah is doing wild stuff like that also. He is a real dear devil. 🙂

      Does your child have any brothers or sisters?

      • Katy Christie says

        No brothers or sisters yet but we hope to have another in a year or so when Matthew is 3. I am sure Matthew will love being a big brother. We are hopefully going to get his grandad a puppy today so that will be fun for him 😀

  3. Adorable video!! He is just so cute!!!!

  4. Linda Souther says

    I just love Noah, he is such a happy kid with an infectious smile. Just seeing his face brightens my day.

  5. Hi, my name is Helena S.
    I just wanted to inform you that I have downloaded your child’s picture to be able to make a 1:12 scale miniature doll that looks alike once my clay skills get better. I just thought that cuteness was worth the effort. Also would love to be inclusive and raise awarness if or when I become a good miniature artist.

    If you’d rather me to delete it or have any concerns, please email me.

    Kind regards,

    Helena S.

    P.S.: downloaded the one where he had a panda hat. I came across it through google pictures.

  6. Rohini Ghose says

    Hi just came across your blog. Noah is a lovely baby and I hope he is doing fantastic after these few years. Although my child does not have Down syndrome,I will follow your blog since I love the way you chronicle your baby’s life. I pray to God that Noah has a happy and fulfilling life.

    Mumbai, India

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