Noah Visits The Apple Store And Hangs Out With His Uncle

Today was tons of fun! My brother came up and got to meet Noah for the first time, and as you can see Noah loves him a ton. We spent the day mostly hanging out at home, with a quick trip to the friendly neighbored Apple store thrown in for good measure.

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First Vacation And New Best Friends

[prophoto type=gallery behavior=click post_id=997 splash=disabled transition=enabled transition_effect=fadeIn size=small overlay=enabled] (Hint: Click on the large image to get an even lager image!) Last weekend was one for the Smith family record books.  We took Noah to Houston for his first ever vacation…! We went to Houston to visit some of our best friends, and meet a [Read More…]…

Hanging With An Emmy Winner Today

Today Noah and I had lunch with our friend, Matt Knisely.  Who just so happens to be a crazy talented , multi Emmy award winning, Christian! Matt is helping me on a really cool project I’m working on that you’ll hear more about in the coming months!  We had a good time hanging out, and [Read More…]…

Noahs New Friend Seth

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Noahs First Baseball Game

We had a chance to take Noah to Houston this weekend for a mini vacation.  In fact it was his very first vacation! It’s rare that my wife and I both have a weekend off together, so we thought we’d take advantage of this rare occasion and head to Houston to visit some of our closest friends…and [Read More…]…