No, My Son And I Aren’t Members Of Cirque Du Soleil

It was a rainy and cold day here Dallas today so we decided to make today a lazy Saturday.  We hung out at home in our pajama’s most of the day, then headed out to dinner at one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants, Mi Cocina.  (If you’re ever in Dallas you gotta check it out!)

It’s impossible for me to leave Noah in his carrier when we’re out at dinner.  In fact it never fails that before our food is brought out, Noah will be sitting on my lap.  He’s just so cute,  I can’t help it.  🙂

father and son eating dinner

That cute little face leaves me helpless. Every time.

If you bumped into me while I’m out at dinner with Noah you may mistake me for a member of Cirque Du Soleil.  The way I carefully hold Noah on my lap with one hand, while skillfully eating my dinner (and trying to keep his hands out of my chicken enchiladas) with the other, is something straight out of a Ciruqe show.  It’s pretty entertaining to watch.

Ahhhh…the joys of being a father.  I love it.

cute boy down syndrome sleeping dinner

Almost ready for a nap.

Time For Some UnFun

Since we’re in the process of moving to a new house we had to run a grown up errand after dinner.  We took Noah to do something that every kid (and every dad) loves to do…. lamp shopping. (Did you sense the sarcasm…?)  It wasn’t all that bad since I learned something new while at the lamp store…..I had no idea there were SO MANY LAMPS…! Wow.  I hope I never have to go into a lamp store again, I still have a headache. 🙂

I’m impressed with how well Noah does when we are out and about.  He’s so easy going, and just enjoys doing whatever we do.  It’s so much fun….although I’ll assume that all changes when he gets old enough to talk. 🙂

down syndrome child

He just sits there and looks cute. We love this little boy.

How do you keep your kids (young or old) occupied when you take them along on grown up errands?  Noah won’t be 10 months old forever…and I want to learn from your wisdom! 🙂

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About Rick Smith

Hi, I'm Noah's Dad and I'm passionate about giving the world a window into our life as we raise our son who was born with Down syndrome. I also enjoy connecting with other families, so let's stay connected.


  1. Brings back the days for me. The daughters loved any shopping from day one. Our sons, on the other hand, had baby alarms that went off whenever I attempted to shop anywhere except grocery, auto parts and hardware stores. It only took one trip to JoAnn’s to make those trips: ladies only forever. 🙂 How do they know?

  2. I forgot to bring a toy to the zoo when James was about a year old, and I gave him an empty water bottle, which he was thrilled with. As a first birthday gift for my older son, I was given a box of “just in case” items that I update and keep in my van: snacks, toy, cup, diapers, change of clothes, etc. Very handy box! We were stuck at AT&T forever one night, and Caleb ate animal crackers to his heart’s content. Whatever works!

  3. I keep my kids occupied when I go grocery shopping by leaving them home with daddy! Ha! No, really. I have found a few tricks. When they were little I might keep a toy they liked in my bag. But, now we have wonderful things called iPhones and iPads. I have some games they like and a few movies/shows on there so that if we are ever out and about and the boredom monster bites them they will have something non-destructive to occupy them.

    I have also played the shopping list game. See if you can find what mommy needs before she can. This is fun and keeps them occupied and also when they are older helps with reading skills.

  4. Vikky Johnson says

    We pack books, small toys, crayons, portable dvd or cd player and SNACKS. We keep it stocked and by the front door.
    We also let them grab 1 special toy as we go out the door. The older 2 are 8 & 3

  5. Hey! I have been to Mi Cocina a few times. My in-laws live in Plano. Ellie can be a real stinker when we are out. She is okay as long as the stroller is moving. If it isn’t. . . well, there might be a scream or two. I try to bring along a few toys and those toddler Mum-Mums to munch on.

  6. Okay, first of all, Little Man LOVES watching videos of Noah. He’s 14 months old and will run across the room when he hears the music start up. I’ll pause it if he doesn’t make it because he’s very interested in Noah (it’s really funny to watch).

    As for what we do when mommy’s out running mommy errands…obviously he comes with. He’s such a little flirt that it doesn’t matter if we’re getting the tires changed or going to the post office; he just flirts with everyone and loves going out on the town with mommy. In fact, I’d venture to say that one of his most favorite things to do is go shopping with mommy. He’s a fan of trying to get at whatever is in the cart (if we’re at Walmart or grocery shopping) or he’ll pull at my bags otherwise. He doesn’t seem to mind if we go do boring mommy things or not.

  7. nicole berkopec says

    I think you are awesome!!!! And that just might be the luckiest (and by that I mean most blessed) little boy on earth (except for mine!) I am so very proud to share your link on my facebook page and applaud the wonderful work you do everyday to share Noah with us. God bless you and your family and I know that Noah has so many more successes to achieve- and I for one will be watching and clapping!! GO NOAH!! There are so many of us rooting for you! You make me proud like your daddy just because you are you! XOXOX Nicole B

  8. Seth walks with me in the grocery store and shoots winning smiles at everyone now. Noah, that looked like tasty giraffe!

  9. I think you are awesome!!!! And that just might be the luckiest (and by that I mean most blessed) little boy on earth (except for mine!) I am so very proud to share your link on my facebook page and applaud the wonderful work you do everyday to share Noah with us

  10. Going to stores with a child about 16 months or older requires an iPhone or iPad or other similar device in my current world. You might think I’m crazy, but honest to God! I also have an ACER tablet that is so tough that the kids can drop it and it’s still ok. Plus Otterbox makes a case for the iPad that makes it very kid-proof. That said, I have at least 30 preschool educational (but fun) games on my devices that keep everyone happy. The two year old, the three year old, and the twin four year olds all find their favorite games. Matching pictures, drawing, putting puzzles together, learning ABC’s…you can find an app for everything out there. Many for free! It really is a great educational investment. I use one with my special needs students as a speech and language pathologist, too.

  11. Katie Benet Gray says

    Smartphone! Downloaded Elmo and Yo Gabba Gabba can be a lifesaver. Most of the time, though, I just talk…about everything! It drives my hubby crazy. Lol. Explain the lamps, colors, letters, anything I see. Seems to keep my kids entertained. 🙂

  12. Scott and Vanessa says

    We take Enzo out too! Our PT suggest it because he can be more engaging! Well done!!! Love hearing how you guys have so much fun!

  13. Karmina Enriquez says

    Hi! I so remember my cousin back when he was still a baby. My family and i were so glad to hear about your stories. By the way, just like how happy and proud you are about baby Noah,we too are so proud about our baby Angelo who’s now competing in their school among the normal kids for a popularity contest. WhoA!See how wonderful and charming these kids are! well, if you happen to be interested to see our little angel you can check this link in FB, (and please don’t forget to vote for him 🙂 )

    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing! Sure you inspire everyone. Kindly kiss Noah for me. He is a darling! 🙂

  14. MrsCrystal says

    Your blog is an inspiration. I work in the Baylor Health Care System, and they posted a link on our employee homepage. I have been reading several of your posts today.

  15. I just wanted to say you did a great job in the interview. Thanks for the post

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  17. This is so funny to me, because one of my son’s first words was LIGHT! He would have a heyday in this store! !!

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