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down syndrome child mad crying unhappy not happy

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About Rick Smith

Hi, I'm Noah's Dad and I'm passionate about giving the world a window into our life as we raise our son who was born with Down syndrome. I also enjoy connecting with other families, so let's stay connected.


  1. Does Noah know that’s not the Grouch? Even crying he’s adorable.

  2. Kiki13soliz says:

    DAAAADDDDDYYYYYY!!! Grover is biting again!

  3. Donnarthurs says:

    No one but Grover is paying ANY attention to me.                
    He looks like a pretty normal baby there, of course he is not happy all the time, but I think you do a good job of keeping him happy most of the time, and you seem to be happy alot too.  Good for you!

  4. “What? I can’t have pizza yet? Wah!!!

  5. hey Grover, when did you grow teeth?

  6. Cross1_1999 says:

    He told me I was adopted…..Wahhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Rocompton says:

    Grover is trying to breast feed from me daddy!!!!

  8. hey dude your biting me  stopppppppppppppppppppp it

  9. “Don’t eat me! Nooooo!!!”

  10. carole goodman says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaad Grover is looking at me!

  11. Almareadsbooks says:

    “I didn’t do anything to Noah…Honest… I just told him he couldn’t have a cookie. Sorry!”

  12. Extranjera Finlandesa says:

    While Grover looked around the grocery store embarrassed, he realized that perhaps he had overestimated his abilities with children. Blaming the fallacy created by his public image, he resolved never to babysit again. 

    Hi there,
    Just found your blog. Also a new parent of a tiny one with Ds. Your kiddo looks almost as adorable as mine (but I bet mine smells better – she’s a girl) ;oP 

  13. This is near…….

  14. Princess M says:

    I do not want Grover, I want Elmo…..

  15. Jtkkmjones says:

    I’m gonna get u…….tickle.tickle

  16. You may think he’s cute, but to me he’s s-c-a-r-e-y!

  17. Forsythefamily says:

    Who would have thought that Grover had teeth!

  18. Jenniferjcarson says:

    Super Grover’s Evil Twin Tries to Eat Baby!

  19. “Grover wont tell me how to get to Sesame Street!”

  20. Elmo tickles, but Grover bites! 

  21. Did I forget to tell Noah that,  “If you wubba me then I will wubba you….”

  22. Ruthi_sauer says:

    MMM, Noah very tasty!

  23. What did that say! Did that say there was a monster under my crib! I am so scared of monsters!!!!

  24. Grover and Noah want food and want it now!

  25. Renae Williams says:

    Daddyyyyyyyyyyy Grover told a lie….he said he was cuter than me!!!!!!!

  26. Jennifer Wasserman says:

    Oh, do not worry Noah. I was only kidding about there being a monster at the end of this book.

  27. I just wanted to snuggle, don’t cry

  28. Rkennison says:

    Why won’t cookie monster share with us Grover? 

  29. Kathryn Rogers says:

    Daaaaaaad, he’s eating me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Offbeatnpath says:

    Grover says, “good thing I don’t have ears”.

  31. Daddy I told you that I wanted Cookie Monster..  NOT Grover…

    He is still way too cute even mad.. LOL

  32. Vanessavince says:

    Grover” Noah, shhhhhhhhhh, I’m sorry , please don’t tell….”
    Noah ” dad, Grover bit me!!! ”

  33. Edgeofthewoods says:


  34. Coangel008 says:

    Grover says, “It is ok little baby.  I am right here for you.  Please don’t cry.”

  35. Carolynj Swanson says:

    Please don’t cry Noah! I won’t ask to borrow a cup of milk for my recipe anymore!

  36. First I think, I love my snugly jammies…they’re so warm and soft. Then I wake up and realize, IT’S BREATHING ON ME! SURE IT’S SOFT, BUT WHAT IS THAT THING BREATHING ON ME? It’s all blue with a great big nose, talking funny, wanting to kiss me…that’s when I just lost it!!! A kid can only take so much!

  37. Ingrid jackson says:

    I wish this kid liked me!

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