The Best iPad Cases for Kids, Toddlers, and Babies | 2016

best ipad case kids toddler babies kids

Click here to skip directly to the list of the best ipad cases for kids without reading about our the back story. (It’s ok, we won’t hold it against you.) :-)

Our Hunt For The Best iPad Case For Our Kid!

Noah’s only 20 months old, but he’s been a fan of the iPad ever since his tiny fingers first touched that glorious glass screen. He enjoys the interactive books, playing fun games, watching movies, and checking out his Baby Signing Times videos on it!

As much fun as I enjoy playing around on the iPad with him, it’d be nice to let him enjoy the iPad on his own every once in a while. But before that could happen I needed to find the best iPad cover for a curious little toddler. However I quickly discovered that finding the best ipad case for a kid can be difficult.  We currently have one of Apple’s Smart Cases, which allows us to prop the iPad up landscape style so Noah can watch Baby Signing Times while he eats breakfast (and we can get ready for the day.)

The problem with the Smart Case (and most other iPad cases)….

However, the Smart Case doesn’t work well for a toddler since it doesn’t offer much protection from dropping, licking, trying to eat, throwing out of a crib, knocking off a table; you know the typical baby-iPad scenarios. (However, it is great for adults who just want to protect their iPad’s screen from getting scratched in their briefcase, diaper bag, etc.)

After doing a little research on the best iPad cases for a young child, these 8 iPad cases really rose to the top. I thought I’d put a list together to save you the trouble of having to do the research on your own. By the way, all of these cases are available on Amazon, which means they can be shipped! So feel free to forward this post to any grandparents who may be looking to buy an iPad case as a gift for their little grandson / granddaughter!. ;-)

Oh, and if you are thinking of buying your child an iPad, make sure they have these 6 other gifts that are way cheaper first.
8 Great iPad Cases for Kids

8 Great iPad Cases For Babies, Toddlers, and Children – 2016

I hope you find this list helpful in your search for the top kid’s iPad cases.

Do you know of an iPad case that is awesome but didn’t make the list? If so be sure to leave a comment at the end of this post and let me know. And if it is indeed awesome, I’ll be sure to add it to this list! :-)


1. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case: iPad Edition

best ipad cases for baby children special needs down syndrome

There are a few things I really like about the Fisher Price Apptivity iPad case.

1. Our son already own (and we really like) the Fisher Price Apptivity iPhone case.

2. I really like how this case covers the iPad’s home button. One of the things I dislike about the iPad is the fact that you can’t disable the home button. (Although a fix for this is coming in iOS 6!) Ever time I try to let Noah use the iPad on his own, his curious little hands head straight to that home button, which of course closes the app.

However, this case is big. Like really, really big. Like clunky big. You get what am saying?

It’s still a nice case, that will almost certainly baby-proof your iPad, but we passed on it just because of its size.

2. Speck Products iPad 2 iGuy Case

speck iguy ipad case baby proof

This Speck iGuy iPad Case is a popular ipad case for kids, toddlers, and babies because the rubber arms can help your child hold on to the iPad while they are using it. I also like how the rubber feet allow the iPad to stand up on a counter, table, which allows your child to watch a movie / or video on the iPad without holding it.

3. Big Grips Frame iPad Case

big grips ipad case baby children special needs kids

Check out the Big Grips Frame for iPad case.

4. Disney Hybrid Case and Kit for iPad and iPad 2

disney cars fun ipad case for children

Check out the Disney Cars iPad Case.

5. KaysCase KidBox Cover Case for Apple iPad

kayscase kidbox cover apple ipad case children

Check out the KaysCase KidBox Cover Case for Apple iPad 2, iPad 3.

6. i-Blason ArmorBox Series for Kids

-iblason armorbok kid friendly ipad case

Check out the i-Blason ArmorBox For Kids
7. Trident Kraken II Hybrid Case for iPad

trident kraken case ipad 2 fun case kids

Check out the Trident Kraken II Hybrid Case for iPad.

8. OtterBox iPad 1 Defender Case

otterbox ipad case child proof babies kids purple black

Check out the OtterBox iPad Defender Case.

We hope you found the ipad cases for kids that we’ve listed her helpful. Be sure to check out ourtop Christmas Gift ideas, and our top Fisher Price Toy post for additional products we really like (and think you will too!) :)

Do you have any of these cases? Was there a case we missed?

I want to think our friends on Twitter who gave us their iPad case suggestions, as well.

As I mentioned above, be sure to let me know if there is a case I missed in the comments. Also have you used any of these cases. If so, be sure to leave a comment and let us know what your liked/disliked about it

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  1. Nice article. Good advice. Cute kiddo! Thanks

  2. This list is a GREAT help! But I was wondering if any of these cases had a protective cover to cover the screen to protect it from spills etc.?


  3. Hi, nice list.
    I ‘m from the Netherlands and searching for such cases for a long time now.
    Do you know any brands that sell these for Samsung tabs?

    best regards Selena

  4. Griffin Survivor – nice protection!

  5. I am also searching for ipad cover for my 19 months old boy with down syndrome. I have heard of gumdrop ipad cover. Thanks

  6. Hey, great article. I was wondering if you might get this company to let you review their case?

  7. We have an Otter. Its undestructable, but its hard to access the volume button and also the rubber part broke.

    My favorite is a good leather one with a cover that closes like a book.

    Those regular iPad cases are awful! I once let mine fall on the floor because of that cover.

  8. Faith Mills says

    I have a big grips on my daughter Shay’s (she has CP, seizures disorder and is a wicked thrower) and an armour box/gorilla type case on the ones my boys use.

  9. We have tried a leather case that worked pretty well for our generation 1, it did break one day when my daughter threw it (the iPad not the cover). When that happened we bought the Speck1Guy iPad case and my daughters could easily take their iPads out of the case and for some reason always did. We just got gen 2 iPads and bought the Otterbox Defender and Otterbox Reflex (we wanted one pink and one purple and neither one had both colors). I like the reflex case much better. It’s is a much softer case. As far as protection goes, we just got them so not sure, they haven’t been thrown yet. I’m afraid that if the defender case is thrown and hits someone it might hurt quite a bit. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

  10. We started with an OtterBox, but it didn’t take long to stretch out and our daughter could take it off easily. We switched to the Gumdrop and it’s been at least 6 months with no signs of stretching. Our iPad is very well protected by the Gumdrop, even though it’s been dropped a lot (ok, thrown down some too!) and the protective screen cover has saved us from many spills and messes. I’m very happy with the Gumdrop!

  11. Hi… we use the Griffin Survivor Extreme with our 5yr old (also DS) and we’ve had it for over a year without any issues. It completely covers the ipad so he can suck his thumb and then touch the “screen” all he wants. It’s a tad heavy but it’d doing the job. Our neighbors have an older son with autism and have the same case.

  12. If you enable guided access you can lock a child into the app and they cannot exit using the home button unless they know the passcode

  13. More childproof ipad cases for kids,shockproof ipad cases,ipad cases with handle,ipad cases with stand all at

  14. More childproof or shockproof ipad cases for young kids

  15. Here are more childproof ipad cases for young kids to protect your ipad or ipad mini from damage everywhere while your kids are playing with ipad

  16. Great article!!! I find my answer from this article!!!

  17. I’ve got an 11-year-old daughter with DS. We’re using the Belkin Survivor like a few other commenters above, and it’s been great. Having a built-in screen protector is excellent for keeping licks and juice splashes out of the iPad!

  18. See what I found, seems a very cool idea to combine plush and ipad case for kids…it’s selling on Amazon now… check it out

  19. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely helpful information particularly the ultimate part 🙂 I deal with such info a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a very lengthy time. Thanks and good luck.

    Want to read the best ipad case for kids latest 2014. Check here: Top Six Best iPad Case For Kids 2014

  20. I bought one PadPouch for my 2 year old daughter, she loves it. It’s very cut, soft (unique from all other cases) and safe, have many functions (sound amplifier, pocket, should straps, etc.). I think you should include PadPouch in your next review. One of the famous case selling webs, give it a very high rating! Check it out:

  21. PadPouch is pretty ugly case.

  22. Thanks for sharing. I just bought a new case with two handles for my 3yr and 2yrs boys they love it.
    New product but i am relaxed when they drop it.

  23. Lazepad is the world’s first holder and pillow combination made for children and adults.

  24. We’ve had a Clumsy Case, going on 2 years now, which offers foamy protection. Highly recommended!

  25. We offer lots of different products on our website which part of the proceeds help to fund down syndrome research and promote awareness.

    Love your blog.

  26. Hey Rick,
    Our product is design to kids and toddlers, this is a truly unique product. Hope it will fit your list.

  27. Kayscases I love ! I can have my toddler carry this around from the car to the house and not worry as the handle makes it easy to hold ! Thanks Rick

    We found this cool kiosk and cases for iPads at our library too !!!

  28. We have three kids and all have gotten ipad 2’s by their first birthday, and a mini by their second. We have been using the Griffin Technology: Survivor Military-Duty iPad cases. I literally fimd iPads on the floors in the kitchen, etc, everyday, many times a day. I have herniated discs (no excuse for prior the medical conditions, but…) and I have always just gotten my foot beneaththe ipads and just flung them from room to room, so etimes across the house into their play room. The oldest case has had a few broken plastic pieces inside, but the oldest iPad to this day is absolutely pristine. The kids take them outside and literally drop and toss them to the concrete at all angles. They also have some desire to stand on their iPads, both sides. By the way, they all have protective films on them, which I believe is part of the trick from a split or cracked screen. Have confidence inthe Griffin Survivor lineup. And don’t bother spending $60-89 in big box stores. Buy through Amazon with free shipping starting at around $25.

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    The company strictly implement management philosophy as “management Institutionalized, Simplification, Hommization, Rationalization ”, and focus on “speed, quality, cost” . “Customer Oriented, reputation first; Mutual benefit and reciprocity, Excellency Pursuing” is our service objective. Hucos is willing to work with all partners from domestic and abroad, working together to create brilliant career.

  30. DEFINITELY MISSED ONE!! I found this gem on Amazon, its from a company called efox. They have a new design that is similar to the Kayscase one but MUCH BETTER. The design is similar in that the handle is there and it acts as a stand for watching tv and drawing and ect. Except the color is much much better and the material is clearly superior. It is really soft and has already saved our ipad from a few highchair level drops. It comes with a screen protector (although they talked me into trying their glass screen protector which is way better than the included freebie) and a touch screen pen! I guess the copyright part is that they have a few slots for their included touch screen pen to go. I love this case and wouldn’t think of getting any other one! These are the pictures on their listing on Amazon, I got the blue one for my son

  31. I know the post is older so I bet you know but…. Guided access is the BEST feature of the iPads now. Locks the app, volume bad you can disable buttons. Life saver!

  32. Great list!

    I know this post is older now but we’ve had some great feedback from parents about our iPad stand, the iBeani ( It gives kids a great stable surface to use the iPad on, reducing the risk of breakage.

    It also reduces muscle strain & fatigue, reducing the chance of injury – no more sore arms!

    Would be awesome to hear your feedback 🙂


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