A Fathers Day Letter To My Son

second fathers day father and son down syndrome

One happy kid! (And one very happy dad!)


Dear Noah,

It’s hard to believe that this is our 3rd father’s day together. (You were in your mommy’s womb on the first one.) You’re lying in your crib sleeping after a long and fun day. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that you are such an incredible father’s day gift.

I love just hanging out with you. I love watching the way your contagious smile causes everyone in your path to do the same. I love listening to your giggles. I love watching you dance in the back seat of the car as I turn the music up.

I love watching you explore. I love the way you reach your arms out to me as I approach you. I love the way your face lights every time your eyes catch a glimpse of me. I love the way you throw your toys over your play gate so I’ll pick them up and throw them back over.

I love the way you hold my finger as I read to you. I love the way you grab your mom and I’s hands when we pray together. I love the way you push your little toy car back and forth with me.

I love to listen to all of those fun laughs you make when you crawl up the stairs…with me very close behind you. I love watching your walk around on your dino walker; laughing the entire time. I love the way you put your arm around me when I’m carrying you. That little one arm hug is so cute, I love it.

I love your hugs, your kisses, your little nose, your little feet, your stunning blue eyes, and your little teeth. I love every single thing about you.

I love you being your daddy so much.

It’s hard to believe how much you’ve grown, and all of the wonderful things you’ve done since last father’s day. I am so proud of you. There is no way I could ever put into words just how proud I am of you. But I want you to know that my heart fills like it’s going to burst with pride every day.

first fathers day down syndrome father and son

Our second father's day.


I am so proud to be your daddy. I love just carrying you around, and seeing all the people look at you with that “he’s so cute” look. I just want to look at them and say, “I totally agree….I’m so glad to be his daddy!” πŸ™‚

You amaze me every day. Just watching all of the things you do. It blows me away.

I want you to know that I will always be here for you. I’ll always be your biggest fan. Your biggest advocate. Your biggest supporter.

sleepy baby sleeping in car seat down syndrome

Our 3rd father's day. (And one sleepy baby!) πŸ™‚


I hope you grow up knowing how much your mom and I love you, how much God loves you, and how you were created and crafted in the very image of that God. He cares about you, and created you with a purpose. I can’t wait to see God’s purpose for your life unfold.

I’m thankful I have a front row seat.

I love the fact that you look at me like I’m your superhero sometimes. Like I could save the world if it needed saving (I couldn’t by the way, I’m a wimp.) But I love the fact that you think I can.

I can tell that you already know you can count on me. And you’re right. You can. I’m here for you 24 x 7, and I will be for as long as I’m alive. You’re the call that always gets through. You’re my man.

Thank you son for being my son. You make me a better dad. A better person. A better husband to your mommy. A better Christian.

While all of the father’s day cards, and presents are fun and nice, you are my greatest father’s day present. Every day that I get to spend with you is like a million father’s day presents combined.

You are my greatest father’s day gift.

Thank you Noah for letting me be your daddy. I love you so much. You are the best son in the whole world. It’s an honor and a privilege to be your dad.

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About Rick Smith

Hi, I'm Noah's Dad and I'm passionate about giving the world a window into our life as we raise our son who was born with Down syndrome. I also enjoy connecting with other families, so let's stay connected.


  1. maddison jacobs says

    WOW i love this letter to your son it brought tears to my eyes as i read it . i feel the same way about my kids and they arent even blood . noah is very lucky to have you as his father , i hope you and him continue to be this close it is so great to see fathers love their kids like you do noah . thank you for sharing your story with us .

  2. Wow, what a beautiful letter for Noah. happiest of Fathers day and thanks for sharing.

  3. Michelle ~ Eli's Mom says

    Very powerful words-God Bless you for being such an awesome Dad. I can tell you are a good man & Father. Thanks for being the advocate you are for our kids.

  4. I love the letter it’s beautiful thank you for sharing it, love to you all Shirley ps hope all went well at the 18 month check-up x

    • Thanks Shirley. We had quite a scare at the 18 month check up, but things ended up being ok. (Be sure to check out the next post if you haven’t already.) πŸ™‚


    I so much enjoy and appreicate your web site about your precious son!! So much I wish I would have seen and read it before our Sophia Joy was born 20 months ago. I have always felt so sorry for parents that have Down Syndone children and so thankful that our 5 children and 20 grandchildren were all ‘normal’…as I would have said back then. I was shocked and very sad…devistated…when I heard that ‘dreaded word’ after Sophia’s birth!! Now as I look back I can thank God for our precious gift…..all of our family loves her soooo much!! What a blessing and joy she has been! We are so thankful that God chose to give this little angel to us! God bless you “Noahs Dad” as you continue to let us see cute little Noah. Joyce NANA


    God bless you as you raise your ‘precious gift from the Lord’!! How blessed Noah is to have you as his Father. Joyce NANA

  7. karen shutts says

    Rick, I love the way you communicate! How do you become a communicater anyway? I could use help in that field! Lol What a beautiful letter to Noah, he is one lucky little boy and he is beautiful! Its so amazing to see the world through a child’s eyes.My son is 28 now and is a working man. He loves to work and help people and has brought much joy to my life! Best wishes for your family.

    • Karen,

      I think you just talk a lot, a lot, a lot.. ha,ha…

      What is your son up to these days? What sort of work does he do? Also was he born with Down syndrome?

  8. Sandra Mann says

    Happy Father’s Day to Noah’s dad. A great letter. Enjoy the journey I know we are with our 14-year old daughter who has Down Syndrome.

  9. Great letter! I look forward to seeing him comment on this when he reads it himself down the road. Your realtionship is an inspiration.

  10. Fiona Negus says

    Hi Rick,

    What a letter. I have tears down my face as I’m writing this. There is nothing so precious as the bond between and father and son and you have written about it so beautifully in this post. I was so happy to hear the good news that Noah got the all clear :o))) There is only 4 weeks difference in age between my Caleb and Noah and I know exactly what you mean with your heart swelling everyday with the amount of love it contains. Love your posts ( they are real and not sugar coated), love your lil man and I love that we are extremely proud parents of little ones that magic extra chromosome…feel like the luckiest mum in the world.
    May God continue to bless your family like he has with mine.



    • Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to being on this journey together with you. It will be fun to watch your children grow up. I look forward to hearing updates on your children by the way. πŸ™‚

  11. Wish all kids had daddies that love them like you do Noah! Thanks for sharing that. I certainly can relate…I feel the same about Cecily and Easton!

  12. Vicki Justen says

    You are such a good father. Noah is blessed to have wonderful parents!

  13. Mate, i have always thought to myself i want to be the best father to my Julian.
    and believed in it by doing everything i can to achieve it.
    i thought of sharing my stories and feelings with him by sending him emails to an address that i have created and hope i can give him access to it when he is ready to look back to his day by day or week by week updates.
    BUT.. i never thought of sharing my experience with others.
    The world need much more dads like you.
    i loved reading your letter

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