Seven Falls Is No Joke! (And More Funs Ways To Spend A Lazy Sunday.)

You already know Rick’s fondness for seafood buffets, but I prefer breakfast buffets. Rick and I went to Maui for our honeymoon and they had THE BEST breakfast buffet ever. We thought that we would check out the Cheyenne Mountain Resort’s version. I love that I don’t have to chose between egg or sweet. I can endulge my love of every breakfast choice. Their brunch was pretty awesome and we even let Noah have a sip or two of juice which I think he enjoyed.

cheyenne mountain resort buffet

My husband likes to eat shrimp for breakfast. Yuck.

cheyenne mountain resort view colorado springs

We had quite the view for breakfast.

Sand Is Quite The Developmental Helper

down syndrome family feet sand beach

We like to feel the sand between our toes!

We spent the afternoon enjoying our resort. We took Noah back to the pool and lake. Today we actually got in the water of the lake. Lakes are a lot different than pools, we didn’t last long in that water.

downs syndrome boy playing lake water

Noah really enjoys splashing in the water.

I am fairly certain that there is going to be a sandbox in our backyard as Noah really enjoys the sand. Not only that but it helped him reach a new sitting record! He was a rockstar on the beach. If we are able to keep him entertained with something in front of him, he sits so much longer and sand did just the trick.

down syndrome baby boy kid playing sand

The sand makes a great developmental tool!

Honey Mustard Meets Mexican

carlos miguels restaurant mexican food colorado springs

Yes, that's a honey mustard burrito.

Rick and I ventured outside of the hotel for dinner tonight. The concierge had recommended a Mexican place, Carlos Miguels, that was not too far away. Rick always wants to know what are the most popular dishes when we are a somewhere new, which is a great way to figure out what to choose. I tried their Honey Mustard Burrito thanks to their suggestion. It tasted just like how it is described, a burrito with a honey mustard sauce. It was good, but not exactly my favorite meal.  The chips, salsa, and bean dip (better known as refried beans) made up for it.

Seven Falls

My mom recommended that we go to a place called Seven Falls. We had seen advertisements on our road trip, so after a little bit of convincing we decided to make the trip.

It was well worth the short drive and only $11/person cost. They recommend you go at night, which at first seemed silly as you are going to look at a waterfall. How could you see a waterfall at nigh right?? Well, this one has multicolor lights illuminating the seven different falls.

7 falls seven fall rainbow waterfall

7 falls is beautiful!

It is actually one waterfall with seven drop points, hence the name.  I was totally expecting seven seperate waterfalls, so I am giving you fair warning.

It was way cooler than I was expecting from the description and pictures. You first take an elevator and are able to see the entire waterfall from the opposite mountain. It was a great show of different lights including all colors of the rainbow.  Sometimes the entire waterfall is one color and other times the colors are flowing from one section to the next.  It was impressive, and I am so glad we decided to come.

You can then take the 224 steps to view the waterfall up close and personal…if you can catch your breath. I think that I should get bonus points for hiking up the stairs with Noah strapped to me. It may be the best stair stepper ever. I was sure I was going to be sore (and I was!).

For those of you who find the hike easy, please don’t comment below, let me relish in the fact that I did it and was quite proud of myself. This was probably my favorite day of the Colorado Springs vacation.  It included all the things I enjoy, good food, relaxation, the outdoors and my two favorite boys.

7 falls hike- seven waterfall colorado springs

Yahhh! We finally made it up all 224 steps!

What is the most difficult physical thing you have done on vacation?

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  1. Were you nervous about planning your vacation with Noah? Are you nursing? Bottle? How do you work the feedings? Did you do Noah’s therapy while there? How do you fit it all in? I know Noah is 5 months older than my baby but at what point do the feeds go longer in between? Are you still feeding at night?

    • The only thing I was worried about is if Noah would tolerate being in the car that long, which he did. He was an awesome traveler. We are only bottle feeding now, but we have traveled when I was breastfeeding and we would just stop so that I could feed him. I like to feed in the car rather than a bathroom or something. We mainly just played with Noah and gave him a break from therapy. However his grandparents did buy the Rody horse for him. We tried to work on sitting but other than that nothing else. I stopped feeding at night awhile ago. Noah is a great sleeper as are most babies with down syndrome. We have always had to wake him up to eat rather than the other way around. There have been very few nights where he wakes up crying because he wants to eat. If Enzo is only taking 2 ounces he likely can’t go very long without being hungry. I am happy to give my own personal opinion about supplementing as I am all for giving your baby a little more via the bottle to help him go longer with his feeds. However, this is a personal choice.

      You will never be able to fit it all in. You just have to do what you can and enjoy the ride. Make sure to enjoy your time with your baby and not be thinking about all the things you need to be doing. It gets very overwhelming. It sounds like you are doing a great job so far!!!

  2. I’ve been wanting to go to Seven Falls for a long time, and I live in Denver. Your post is motivating. And climing that many stairs is quite the accomplishment! I don’tknow where you live, but we have thinner air being so far from sea level, and many people who visit here get altitude sickness, which is no fun.

    The hardest thing I did on vacation is going up to Hanging Lake (by Glennwood Springs, CO) while 8 weeks pregnant. I was out of shape and really tired from being newly pregnant. But it was worth it. If you visit CO again, I highly recommend you go there. But make sure you can carry Noah like you did in 7 Falls, or when he’s really mobile himself. And don’t forget a camera (like I did)!

  3. Noah's Mom says

    I have done Hanging Lake a few times. I agree that it is a little strenuous! After living in TX for 12 years now I feel the effects of altitude a lot more.

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