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The Cutest Baby Tiger Ever! (And We Want To See Your Halloween Pictures!)

I honestly didn’t think we were going to be able to top last year’s epic Halloween cuteness, but as always, my wife managed to do the impossible! (See, I told you she was the best.) As cute as last year’s costume was, I think it’s safe to say this years tiger outfit takes the cake! What do [Read More…]…

3 Easy Ways To Develop Your Child’s Pincer Grasp

Noah has been working on his pincer grasp (which is a huge milestone for any child) for awhile and he has not quite mastered it yet. Noah is motor driven, just not fine motor driven.

We’ve talked about the development of a child’s grasp previously and how understanding your child’s grasp determines what they are able to interact with from food to toys. Once I understood Noah’s grasp, I realized that I was asking a lot for him to pick up puffs at 9 months of age and so I switched to a banana which he was able to bring to his mouth with ease.

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It’s My 5th Wedding Anniversary, And Yes, My Wife’s A Superhero!

Today is my wife and I’s faith wedding anniversary. I am so blessed to married to such a loving, gracious, patient, and kind girl. She’s an amazing wife, mommy, doctor and friend. Oh, and did a mention that my wife is also a superhero? Yes, a real life, x-men style, superhero. Complete with super powers [Read More…]…

3 Reasons Why Walking On Textured Surfaces Is Helpful For Toddlers

Noah has been pushing his walker for awhile now. His favorite would be the Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride Dino that he is using in today’s video. (Which also made our list of top toys.) We’ve been trying to get him to walk on different surfaces since he is becoming a pro on the carpet in our [Read More…]…

From Gold Chain To Seminary Degree, The Noah’s Dad Prequel

This post is going to be a little different than usual, but today’s video marks such a significant event in my life that I thought I’d share with you guys, and in doing so share a little bit about my story before becoming Noahs Dad. The story behind the story so to speak.

So I hope you’ll accept my apologize for Noah only being in about 3 seconds of today’s video. However, I included lots of pictures from our weekend to make up for it.  And don’t worry, tomorrow’s video will be jammed packed with lots of Noah cuteness.

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