Mom And Dad Make Boring Road Trip Entertainment

Can you tell Noah had a ton of fun in the back seat?!  Today really marks the end of our vacation (big boo). Rick was throwing up the night before thanks to some awesome fish, so I managed to pack the car all by myself. I even put some luggage on the roof! I am virtually high-fiving all of you 🙂

leaving cheyenne mountain resort

We'll be back!

We were determined to make it all the way home despite having 12 hours of driving in front of us. This meant that we couldn’t stop and shop or do our usual delays to the inevitable.

Noah’s Road Trip Entertainment

Twelve hours is a long time to be in a car, especially when you are 7 months old.  (As you can see from the video, he was about out of body parts to chew on by the time we got home!)  I had filled the front seat with stuff so one of us sat next to Noah the entire trip. This meant a lot of singing, peek-a-boo, iPad developmental apps, and playing.

downloading chronicles of narnia on ipad

Wow. It's going to take a while to download!

We even attempted to listen to a book on tape. Rick and I have not read The Chronicles of Narnia. Inspired by our previous day we downloaded The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I was highly entertained by the book and it made the time fly by. Ok, maybe not fly by but it went a little faster.

The End Is In Sight

down syndrome boy car ride road trip

Having some fun in the backseat!

Noah did a great job on the road trip. He only got fussy towards the end. We were trying to figure out where to eatbefore getting home and decided on Rosa’s Cafe in Fort Worth, which has awesome, cheap, Mexican food. It was great to have a goal that meant we were pretty close to home.  They have amazing tortillas that are fresh out of the oven (or however you make them).  Rick and I also always order some sopapillas as they are fantastic.  We only had about another hour of driving after this…woo hoo.

 Home Sweet Home

We finally made it home around 10:30. Before we left, our friends from Atlanta, Eryn and Jared, were in town visiting us and attending a conference.  They are both good friends of Ricks, and I am so glad that I got to meet them in person.


We love these guys.

Eryn sings and writes music, you should check her out on iTunes under Eddy.   They stayed in our house after we left. They were nice enough to watch our dogs before they too had to return home. Our dog sitter took over after them, so no worries about calling animal protective services. They left us a little surprise to say thanks for letting them stay in our apartment. This was SO NICE of them!. Noah got a new shirt, I got a home fragrance diffuser and of course Rick got some Mr. Bubble…nope that was not for Noah it was for Rick. The man loves his bubble baths, and that is one of his favorites.  THANKS GUYS!!!

mr bubbles bubble bath

Thanks so much guys!

As much as we were sad that our vacation was over, we had not seen our house in about two weeks, so it was great to be home at last. What is your favorite road trip entertainment?

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