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Noah’s Story Is The Life Of The Week On Live Action News!

Millions of people have been given a window into the life of a family raising a child born with Down syndrome, and my hope is countless children have been brought to full term as a result of connecting with a resource on our blog, or interacting with the thousands of families on our Facebook page!

When we started on this journey a few years ago we had no idea the plans God had to use Noah’s life and story to bring hope and encouragement to so many. We are so proud of this kid!

Today I was humbled to see that Live Action News decided to feature Noah’s story as their “Life Of The Week.” I was encouraged by the article and especially encouraged that they published several quotes I  made about the sanctity of life as well.

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Spoiler Alert: Noah’s A Big Brother!

We’re excited to announce that NOAH’S A BIG BROTHER!!!

And as you can tell by looking at that super duper smile on this face, he is excited!!! And so are we! In fact, we got to see our new baby, and hear his/her heart beat for the first time last week…and yes, I teared up! New life is such a beautiful thing.

Like all proud parents I have no shame in sharing pictures and videos of my children every chance I get, so let me be the first to introduce you to either Speck Wildhorse Smith (if we have a boy) or Audio Science Smith (if we have a girl.) …..Just kidding, I saw those names on a list of the strangest celebrity baby names! (Although Pilot Inspektor Smith does have a nice ring to it.) 🙂

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