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david saville clemson down syndrome football team

Meet David Saville, Clemson’s Equipment Manager (Who Also Has Down Syndrome)

I recently came across an incredible video produced by ESPN about a man with Down syndrome, David Saville, who is part of the Clemson Tiger’s football team. I’ll be honest, I teared up. I teared up because I love everything about this video. The way the Clemson football players treat David like a friend, the way [Read More…]…

Noah Rides His First Upside Down Roller Coaster!

One of Noah’s favorite things to do is visit Six Flags Over Texas (a local theme park) and ride rides! This “little” boy has been a fan of thrill rides for as long I can remember him going to theme parks, but this year he decided to ride the “Shock Wave,” one of those roller [Read More…]…

A child with Down syndrome singing the Mickey Mouse cartoon song

I Love Hearing Noah Sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song!

As Noah has gotten older, it’s been a lot of fun hearing his speech develop. We’re big fans of sign language in our household (in fact, it’s how Noah said his first sentence) but it’s also been fun hearing Noah move from sign language to speaking verbally. As you can hear in the video below, [Read More…]…

christmas 2017 special needs family stockings over fireplace

A Very, Merry Christmas, 2017.

I’m writing this blog post with a full heart and a quite house. After a great day of spending time with as a family (including my mom and brother who came up to hang out with us today), all of our children are asleep, and my wife and I are just hanging out on the [Read More…]…

Down Syndrome Resources

av canal surgery down syndrome baby

Carson’s Atrioventricular Canal (AVC Defect) Surgery Story

(If you're looking to meet other parents of children with heart defects, check out this Facebook … [Read More...]

he came down nativity play

He Came Down | A Story of Hope

My wife recently told me about a video she came across produced by "Speak Life." The video shows a … [Read More...]

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Down Syndrome Therapy

how to help child stand up on their own

4 Activities to Help Your Child Stand On Their Own We're proud to announce that Noah reached another major milestone … [Read More...]

how to get baby to use sentences put words together with sign language

Signing Update: Noah’s First Sign Language Sentence!

We're a huge fan of teaching Noah baby sign language to help him communicate with us. We have been … [Read More...]

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Down Syndrome Parenting

meaningful work people with down syndrome

How a Chick-Fil-A Employee Changed My Idea of “Meaningful” Work

Last week I was eating lunch at a local Chick-Fil-A when I noticed a young women with Down syndrome working at this particular location. (As a parent … [Read More...]

A (New) Letter To Our Son’s Teachers On His First Day Of School

It's hard to believe it's been almost three years since Noah first started to school (and we wrote our first letter to his teachers)...time really … [Read More...]

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