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6 Tips To Make Your Child's First Smash Cake A Smash!

Our family crams a lot of celebration into the holiday season. From about a week before Thanksgiving to Christmas we have 5 birthdays, oh and 3 of those are just our little family. That’s right, Rick, Noah and myself all have our birthdays at this time. The other two are my niece and nephew. So we are celebrating…a lot, including this weekend.

This weekend was around my nephew and Noah’s birthday, so we were having a party which included a very special guest, their great grandma. The party was the day that we were leaving so we had a breakfast surprise for Noah. He had his own giant blue cake to smash his fists into. Yelp, that’s right, he’s very own smash cake!

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first-birthday-party-smash-cake-down-syndrome-baby-blue-eyes 8

Noah’s First Smash Cake and 6 Tips To Make Your Child’s First Smash Cake A Smash!

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Great Grandmother Hugs, Fun Crawl Mats, An Early Birthday Cake, And One Proud Son!

This is a very special weekend for Noah (and us!) Yesterday was Noah’s first time on an airplane, but what’s even cooler than that is where he was taking the airplane to! This weekend we flew to Missouri to have an early Christmas with my wife’s grandmother, and my in-lawns (who flew in from Colorado.) [Read More…]…

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3 Tips To Help You Become A Game Changing Parent

I was extremely humbled when recently contacted by advising me that I had been selected as one of their “Rad Dad’s.”  During our interview I had a great time talking about the joys of being a dad, including some of the unique characteristics of being a father of a son born with Down syndrome. I want to add that I’m [Read More…]…

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6 Reasons Why The Fisher Price Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Count and Color Gumball Machine Should Be In Your Child’s Toy Box!

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Signing Update: Noah’s First Sign Language Sentence!

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What A UK Mother Of A Child With “Down’s Syndrome” Has In Common With American Moms…And How We’re All Like A Bunch Of Balloons!

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9 Lessons I Learned About Being A Good Dad By Having A Bad One

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