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Crossing The Finish Line At The Central Park Buddy Walk!

If you’re new here, I’d love for you to sign up for our posts by email so we can stay connected. Thanks for visiting! Crossing the finish line in Central Park! We just got home form a great weekend in New York. It was a quick trip, but we were glad we were able to [Read More…]…

It’s Time For The New York Buddy Walk!

We’re in NYC right now watching the NDSS Buddy Walk kick off video in Times Square. After the video finishes up, we’ll be heading to Central Park for the 2012 New York Buddy Walk. Please pray for a great day of creating awareness! I’ll be sure to post some videos and images later tonight!

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Noah’s Rocking Out (And Getting Into Trouble) At The Rockin’ 21 Party!

Once a month a group of local families raising children born with Down syndrome get together on a Sunday afternoon for what we call “Rockin’ 21.” We rotate between a few different houses and this month it was our turn to host! (If you’re interested in learning more here’s how the they got started.) That’s our boy….!  It’s a ton of fun [Read More…]…

Noah Eats Spaghetti With His Hands; A Tasty Sensory "Exercise"

Every since Noah’s first birthday we’ve been slowly transitioning him from a bottle / purred foods, to more big boy foods….and he’s doing great. We haven’t ran into any problems (yet) with him not wanting to eat certain kinds of food, or refusing certain textures. We’ve been pretty impressed.

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Down Syndrome Resources

supreme court special education ruling

The Supreme Court Helps Children with Disabilities Receive A Proper Eduction

On March 22, the Supreme Court of the United States of America made an unanimous ruling that will … [Read More...]

not special needs video girl from glee

People With Down Syndrome Don’t Have “Special Needs”

Lauren Potter (who played Becky on the TV show "Glee") recently appeared in a short video for World … [Read More...]

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Down Syndrome Therapy

how to help child stand up on their own

4 Activities to Help Your Child Stand On Their Own We're proud to announce that Noah reached another major milestone … [Read More...]

how to get baby to use sentences put words together with sign language

Signing Update: Noah’s First Sign Language Sentence!

We're a huge fan of teaching Noah baby sign language to help him communicate with us. We have been … [Read More...]

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Down Syndrome Parenting

Our Son Rides The Short Bus…And I Couldn’t Be More Proud!

Today our four year old boy, who we love dearly, rode the school bus for the first time. The short school bus. The short … [Read More...]

why does my child get petechiae it's scary

I Hate Petechia.

One of the biggest surprises after raising a child with Down syndrome these last (almost) three years is how little I actually think about Down … [Read More...]

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