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Win A Free Copy Of Play 2 Learn: An iPhone / iPad App That Helps Your Child Learn To Read and Talk!

As a parent (and an Apple geek) I’m always on the look out for fun (and free) educational iPhone / iPhone apps. I mean who isn’t!? That’s why I’m excited to giveaway 5 copies of a new learning app that isn’t just fun, but helps your child learn to talk and read as well. Talk about a double win!

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My Son's First Visit To Times Square: This Dad's Dream Come True!

I’m a huge fan of the Big Apple. Without a doubt it’s one of my favorite places in the world to visit. My brain really enjoys all of the  stimulation New York feeds it, and I actually find a lot of beauty in landscape; it makes me think much about the One who is really the creative genius behind all that you see there, but that’s a different post… (My wife, on the other hand, would trade a trip to NYC for a relaxing week at the beach any day of the week. We’re different like that, and it works.) :-)

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Noah Makes His Prime Time Debut!

It’s amazing how fast news travels in this day of everyone-and-their-grandmother-is-on-Facebook, but man oh man is it ever true. Literally overnight news organizations around the world were contacting us about the Target post that went viral. (There were even stories written in foreign languages published about it, it was seriously unbelievable!)

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6 Tips for Holding and Positioning an Infant with Down Syndrome

[This post is a part of the "New Parent Guide To Down Syndrome" blog series. Be sure to check out the other posts!]

“Watch their head” has a whole new meaning when handling most infants with Down syndrome. You may have noticed that your child with Down syndrome feels a bit different in your arms than a typical child. Hypotonia effects every muscle from the neck, abs, and even the mouth. It is not necessarily muscle weakness but a decrease in tone.

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Down Syndrome Resources

down syndrome drivers license

Meet 7 People With Down Syndrome Who Have Gotten Their Driver’s License!

I'll be honest, when Noah was born pretty everything I knew about Down Syndrome I learned by … [Read More...]

fisher price laugh Learn count color gumball machine review

6 Reasons Why The Fisher Price Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Count and Color Gumball Machine Should Be In Your Child’s Toy Box!

I'm always on the look out for fun toys that serve a dual purpose. I'm looking for toys that are … [Read More...]

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Down Syndrome Therapy

how to help child stand up on their own

4 Activities to Help Your Child Stand On Their Own We're proud to announce that Noah reached another major milestone … [Read More...]

how to get baby to use sentences put words together with sign language

Signing Update: Noah’s First Sign Language Sentence!

We're a huge fan of teaching Noah baby sign language to help him communicate with us. We have been … [Read More...]

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Down Syndrome Parenting

what down syndrome parents have in common

What A UK Mother Of A Child With “Down’s Syndrome” Has In Common With American Moms…And How We’re All Like A Bunch Of Balloons!

 **The following is a guest post from Hayley Goleniowska who blogs at Downs Side Up which has been voted the Down Syndrome blog in Europe two years in … [Read More...]


9 Lessons I Learned About Being A Good Dad By Having A Bad One

Father's day is always a bitter sweet time for me. As I scroll through my Facebook and Twitter feed on Father's day I see countless posts of people … [Read More...]

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