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2016 NYC Marathon (Pre-Training) – Week 2

If you’re new here, I’d love for you to sign up for our posts by email so we can stay connected. Thanks for visiting! I’m going to be running the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon (Sunday November 6th) to help raise awareness, and funds, for some great Down syndrome research (if you’d like to donate, I’d really [Read More…]…

pre training marathon week 1 long run

2016 NYC Marathon (Pre-Training) – Week 1

I recently announced that I’m going to be running the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon (Sunday November 6th) to help raise awareness (and funds) for some great Down syndrome research.   You can learn more about it here, but I thought it would be fun (and maybe helpful for some) if I chronicled my journey [Read More…]…

lumina down syndrome research running team

I’m Running The NYC Marathon! (And Helping Fund Down Syndrome Research!)

Spoiler Alert – I’m running the 2016 NYC Marathon! Please take a few minutes to watch the short video below to find out why running this race could possibly help all people with Down syndrome, and how you can help me do something awesome! If you aren’t interested in reading the back story of why I’m [Read More…]…

down syndrome baby in hospital

How We Told Our Friends Our Child Was Born With Down Syndrome

Before this blog was started I wrote about our journey on my personal website (I’ve since have closed that site down, and have focused my blogging efforts here.) If you’ve read Noah’s birth story you know we had no idea Noah was born with Down syndrome until several hours after his birth. As we were [Read More…]…

Down Syndrome Resources

down syndrome child on ski lift

8 Tips To Help A Child With Down Syndrome Ski For The First Time!

Over the Christmas holiday we took a trip to see Noah's grandparents (who happen to live in the … [Read More...]

Michael Mullins down syndrome sings national anthem

Watch Michael Mullins, A Man Born With Down Syndrome, Sing The National Anthem At A Boston Red Sox Game

My wife sent me a link to this really cool story yesterday about  38 year old Michael Mullins (who … [Read More...]

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Down Syndrome Therapy

how to help child stand up on their own

4 Activities to Help Your Child Stand On Their Own We're proud to announce that Noah reached another major milestone … [Read More...]

how to get baby to use sentences put words together with sign language

Signing Update: Noah’s First Sign Language Sentence!

We're a huge fan of teaching Noah baby sign language to help him communicate with us. We have been … [Read More...]

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Down Syndrome Parenting

why does my child get petechiae it's scary

I Hate Petechia.

One of the biggest surprises after raising a child with Down syndrome these last (almost) three years is how little I actually think about Down … [Read More...]

kid with down syndrome playing with ball on floor

Noah’s First Time To Roll A Ball Back And Forth On The Floor…And The Laugh I Love!

In my last post I mentioned how much joy it brings me to see Noah doing things that typical children do. When we first learned Noah was born with Down … [Read More...]

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