Our 1 Year Old Travels To New York City As A Down Syndrome Advocate!

downs syndrome advocate one year old toddler

We were excited to learn that the National Down Syndrome Society wanted to feature our little boy’s picture in a special video to be shown in the heart of Times Square to kick off the New York City Buddy Walk, and help rise awareness about Down syndrome!

I’ve already mentioned how much I enjoy New York, and especially Times Square…so this was a particularly  special parenting moment for me. (In fact, I’m such a fan of NYC that this was actually his second time to go…and he’s only one year old!)

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Yelp. This Is My All Time Favorite Sound.

down syndrome kid laughing one year old

One of my favorite things about our home is how much laughter fills it. I love laughter. And I especially love hearing the sweet sound of our one year old laughing!

I can’t get enough of hearing this little boy laugh. I could seriously listen to what your about to hear on this video ALL. DAY. LONG. Click play on the video below to hear for yourself. Warning: it’s contagious!

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Our Little Man Is Learning To Stand!

baby with down syndrome learning to stand up

Noah is seriously one of the hardest working one year olds I know! He works so hard at his physical therapy appointments, and I can’t even guess how much time he has spent doing treadmill training. And while he’s sitting up on his own, and inch worming like a boss, he isn’t quite ready to walk or stand up on his own quite yet.

But he’ll get there.

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We’re T-Minus 23 Days Until Our World Changes Forever!

down syndrome second child new baby

It’s hard to believe we’re only three weeks(!) away from meeting our second child, Jaxten Carl Smith! It seems like only yesterday Noah learned he was a big brother, and we learned we were having another boy. But it wasn’t! It was months ago and we’re in the home stretch now! Because my wife ended [Read More…]…